How Digital Business Cards Can Get You Customers?


Are you a new age businessman or woman delving into the idea of using digital business cards? Or do you want to shift your company out of the obsolete practice of using the out of fashion paper cards? Here’s an article that might interest you.

What are digital business cards?

A digital business card or virtual or online business cards are those cards that can act as an online method of sharing contact information. Just like any ordinary business card, the information that you choose to add is up to your discretion.

These trendy and fashionable pieces of business equipment, don’t just look formal but also play many significant purposes. Here are some of the ways a digital business card can get you, customers, in the dozens.

The advantages of digital business cards:

  1. Ease of access and storage:

Gone are the times when you’ll need to store a case of paper business cards in your bag or on your office table and hand it out to each customer hoping that it won’t be thrown the very next day. With these fancy innovations in technology, you can carry just a single card around which can be tapped or scanned to send the chosen information.

With this technology, even older devices can look at your digital cards by scanning the given QR code.

Instead of lugging around a rather drab looking case of cards, you can now walk around with your new stylish digital card.

  1. Low expense:

Having a single, permanent business card means the lack of any reason to keep replacing it or buying huge stacks of cards. This benefits you both in saving space as mentioned earlier, but more importantly, it saves a lot of money.

Opting for a model that makes it almost impossible for your hard-earned money to be thrown away, as studies suggest 63% of individuals dispose of any business card they get.

Spending less means gaining more with these cards, instead of the usual spending more and still gaining barely anything.

  1. Well connected cards:

Unlike traditional cards which simply have all the information, these cards can help define clear boundaries between your private and personal life by providing separate details to separate people.

More importantly, with these digital marvels, a single tap of your card will gain customers or clients access to your professional details, while keeping your personal details out of reach.

You can also modify the data you want them to see anytime.

With this, they will be able to contact you, email, or go to your social media page with a single click of a button.

This makes handling professional requirements quite seamless and quick and adds to the overall experience that the client will have.

  1. Contactless:

With the distribution of more and more business cards every day, one will not think about the aspect of contact. Every transaction of cards and exchanging of notes leads to the spread of germs.

With today’s pandemic scare on the horizon, you definitely want to do everything in your power to reduce your chances to get this illness. So how are business cards going to be affected by this?

Well, standard paper cards are transferred by hand, and these tend to carry germs from one person to another. This is not only a major threat to you but also the customer.

Encouraging this new, contactless service will help your customers feel safe and comfortable in the knowledge that you take precautions in ensuring the curbing of the disease.

  1. Eco friendly:

Last but definitely not least, the digital business card consumes only a fraction of paper and materials that others would.

Having an eco-friendly card will not just benefit your company but also give nature-loving customers and other environmental activists a reason to prefer your company over any other.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that digital business cards are the path to the future, perhaps checking out the hundreds of other benefits provided will change your mind on digital business cards. A trove of specially made designs and applications for every single customer out there.

Just remember the simplicity, cheapness, social possibilities, hygiene aspects, and environmental advantages of these cards when you make your decision.