Home Improvement Tips Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home


You want to give your home a facelift. Probably you’ve just bought it or have been living there for years. Well, the best way to make this happen is by making a plan.

The results will be better if they are planned rather than impulse.

When making updates to your home, exercise caution. Choose what will work for your home and what will not.

A successful home improvement process will yield favourable returns when selling your property.

In this article, we’ll look at the tips you need to follow to improve the value of your home. Have a look.

 Identify and Remedy any Structural Problems.

Well, probably you’re thinking of installing a new roof, remodelling your bathrooms and kitchens among all other cosmetic improvements. But wait, are all the structural problems fixed?

If not, then the improvement results are temporary.

Examples of structural defects include:
• A leaking roof
• Any structural cracks on your walls.
• Insect infestation
• Broken or missing roof tiles
• Unstable chimney stack and
• Collapsed slab/floor.

These defects will cost you a sizeable amount of your time and money to renovate. However, concerning adding value, they’re essential.

If you’re uncertain on whether a problem is merely structural or cosmetic, consult a surveyor, builder or a structural engineer.

 Add or Update your Central Heating System

Adding or updating the heating system in a house is an effective way to raise its value. You’ll need to hire a competent plumber to update or add the heating system.

If you want to update your heating system, you’ll also have to upgrade the general efficiency of your building. Consider doing the following:

• Sealing all drafts, other than airbricks around your doors and windows.
• Use double gazing to replace all the windows that are beyond repair.
• Insulate the loft space.

You’ll also have to check the boiler. If it’s in a perfect working condition and has sufficient capacity, you can add a new radiator.

 Update Services

Updating the wiring and plumbing services is a disruptive job. It involves, lifting floors to get what you need to do before undertaking any cosmetic improvement.

• Electricity

If you’ve not done rewiring on your property for a long time, then updating the electrics becomes essential. If you’re using the old fuse box, rewiring your home to a modern consumer unit becomes inevitable.
Adding extra sockets also adds value to your property. You may consider getting attractive faceplates for switches and sockets.

When rewiring, take the opportunity to improve your bathroom by adding extractor fans.

• Plumbing

Old pipework is susceptible to blockages, leading to a reduced flow of hot and cold water. The blockages may lead to bursts on your pipes.

If you’re using a gravity fed plumbing system, you may need to change it to a pressurised system. It eliminates any need for a header tank effectively freeing up space.

Well, if there’s a room for a cylinder, you can store water for filling the bathtub quickly. If not, go for a combination boiler that provides enough hot water on demand.

 Consider a Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is likely to be a good investment considering that it adds more accommodation than it takes away. Remember, you’ll have to create room for a new staircase.

You can use roof lights or dormer lights to bring natural lighting into the room. Well, loft conversion doesn’t require planning permission, unless they face a highway. Either way, ensure you engage a competent planner for the task.

 Identify and Fix Superficial Defects

Superficial defects will not adversely affect the value of your property. However, they’ll prevent you from selling at an optimum price. These cosmetic defects have the potential to put many buyers off. You can quickly get a competent DIYer to fix them for you.

They include the following

• Peeling paints
• Dripping taps
• Sticking and squeaking doors
• Mouldy sealants in bathroom and kitchen
• Loose Tiles
• Smelling sewers
• Damaged and broken windows.

 Add or Improve Existing Bathroom

A great deal of a house value is placed on the number of the bedrooms it has. Adding the bedrooms will add to its sales price. However, you need to know that there is a maximum limit for every point. At some point, therefore, the additional costs cease giving any return on your investment.

You can create extra bedrooms by subdividing the existing spaces, extending or through a loft conversion. Re-using the current space is the most cost-effective option in homes with large bedrooms.

Create a balance between the number of bathrooms and bedrooms to a minimum ratio of one to three.

If you want to sell your home at its optimum price, then the home improvement is a must.The market will place a premium on a property that is attractive, styled and well decorated.