Home Improvement Projects to Add Value to Your Home


Improving your home by remodelling and renovation is one of the most effective ways of adding value to the property. Be it for personal satisfaction or to boost the future value of your house, home renovation is the solution.

From basement renovation, bathroom renovation whole house renovation and kitchen renovation in Toronto, there are different types of home improvement projects helpful in adding value to your house.

This piece discusses about the different types of home renovation projects you should invest into for a beautiful and charming house.

Types of home renovation projects


Kitchen renovation

For most house owners, kitchen is the heart of their home and that’s the reason why they focus on kitchen renovation Toronto and other regions of Canada. Not just in the Canadian boundaries, but people all around the globe share the same emotions when it comes to renovating their homes.

When you put your money in home renovation, a major part of it is for kitchen remodelling. We would suggest you have a deluxe kitchen in your house and there are a lot of facts to support this advice.

The first is improved quality of your home. Two things that a guest focuses on visiting your house is the kitchen and bathroom. A well-modelled kitchen leaves a positive impression on anyone who visit your house.

The second is increased value of your home. A deluxe kitchen can increase the value of your home in the next five years and if you have plans to sell the house, you may get a good price indeed. If you are planning to sell your house but you dont have time to maake repairs on  it, you can aslo sell it to a real estate investor  like Your Trusted Home Buyer.

Other things to adopt for kitchen remodelling is get fresh paint and modern colors. It can last longer both in style and quality, and also makes your kitchen look beautiful. Another benefit of having fresh paint in the kitchen is it costs comparatively lesser than other paint types.

You can also try applying low-VOC paint, which makes the kitchen eco-friendly. It also protects your family’s health as they do not breathe harmful chemicals used in other types of paint.

Use energy efficient appliances in your kitchen to upgrade its model. Install energy star-rated electrical appliances which is better for the environment. There are several home improvements companies in Toronto that can help you remodel your kitchen in the most advanced way.

Bathroom renovation

Let’s move on to the second most important part of your house, the bathroom. You can go with bathroom addition if you only have one bathroom in your house. To find a suitable space for the second bathroom in your house, consider the underutilized areas and extra rooms. You can also consider other areas such as the space under the stairs or closets.

If your bathroom addition preference is to have a half-bath, the minimum area you will need is 18sq.ft. For a full bath that includes a stand-up shower, the minimum area required is 30sq.ft. in case you also want to have a bathtub too, you will need a minimum area of 35sq.ft.

The total cost of bathroom addition depends largely on the type of accessories and additions you choose to have. However, you can save a good amount by hiring the right professionals providing affordable home remodelling services.

Reinvention of a room

Rather than adding area to your room, try reinventing a room in the existing area of your house and save money. You can convert the attic into a room or finish the basement and convert into a bedroom. There are home owners who add small apartments in their garages.

Before breaking down any walls of your house, try considering how you can use the space. If you are looking forward to selling your house, a potential buyer will would appreciate a versatile room, as it gives higher appeal.

Basement conversion can help having a private and warmer room that can serve as your second living room, games room for the kids, guest room, or a single room to rent out. Like aforesaid, you can also use the attic spaces as rooms. The ones with high ceilings will be best for game rooms and craft rooms.

Installation of energy-efficient windows

In these modern times, buyers look for home keeping energy efficiency in consideration. The draftee, old single pane windows are no more an appealing feature of a house. Instead, one should have energy efficient windows installed to add value to the home.

These kinds of windows also help in saving in energy bills as it reduces the heating and cooling costs. Moreover, you might be eligible for additional credits from your utility company or state. According to experts, you can recoup your total investment in home renovation by installing energy star-rated windows.

The total cost of adding a deck may vary from one home improvement service to other. Some other factors of varying costs of deck addition includes the size of the deck, kind of setting you want, such as built-in seating, built-in flower pots or multiple stairs.

The average cost of deck addition is estimated keeping all the above-mentioned factors, along with the materials used. If you have an idea of creating a deck or are enthusiastic about doing it, you can save the service charges too!

You will need specific tools for the job. However, make sure you don’t mess up things and end up spending double the actual amount for deck addition. Before hiring a contractor for the job, get multiple quotes and estimates from reputed house remodelling service providers.

Basic updates in the house

Though last, but equally essential project of home improvement is adding basic updates. It adds greater value to the house. Fix the leaking roof, apply fresh paint, get away with the mold, replace the rotting wood and other minor issues in your house.

Doing this would keep your house from going through major deterioration over the coming years. After all, a buyer always looks for a safe solid, healthy home and consider these things as crucial signs of regular maintenance.

In a Nutshell

What do you think about these home improvement projects? Wouldn’t you want to indulge in some of the effective improvements in your house, such as bathroom addition, reinventing a room or kitchen renovation in Toronto? Let us know in the comments below.