The Top 13 Healthy Foods for Kids

Healthy Foods for Kids

Healthy Foods for Kids

We want our kids to be healthy but when it comes to choosing their diet and to know what foods are good for their health, we usually get confused about it. There are tons of healthy foods that you can add to the diet of your kids.

When the body is in the growing stage, it needs way more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to sustain that growth. The nutritional need of your kid is not any different from an average mature person.

Kids are usually hyperactive and this is why they need a proper diet that consists of healthy foods rich in protien, calcium, iron, selenium, vitamin C, and tons of other nutrients. This boosts their growth both mentally and physically.

When it comes to the diet of your kid and the foods that your kid should consume, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. Not everything will be healthy for your kid, so this is why you should avoid certain foods.


Foods that are rich in sodium, sugar, and processed meat should be avoided as these foods are not good for the health of your kids. Extra sugary foods can cause early age obesity that can further lead to different health issues.

Kids who consume sugary foods get addicted to the sugar rush and when they don’t get enough sugar in their daily routine then it makes lazy or frustrated. This is the reason why you should avoid giving chocolates and candies to your kids.


Now, we will talk about the healthy foods that you should feed your kids to improve their mental and physical health. As your kid is going through a growth period, he or she needs all the healthy nutrients to grow.

An average kid has got tons of things to do in a day. Studying, playing, and doing all sorts of things. This is why your kid needs a good amount of healthy foods to sustain that level of energy while growing.

The following list of foods will help your kid grow mentally and physically. You need protein foods, veggies, and dairy foods in your diet. Kids can have healthy and strong bones by drinking beef bone broth and all the other foods that are mentioned below.


Foods that are rich in protein will boost the muscle and bone growth of your kids. Protein is the most important nutrient that your kids need to stay healthy and active.


Salmon and sardines are great sources of protein. This will boost the bone strength of your kid. You can use canned foods as they are also healthy but try to use the fresh ones as they are way more healthy as compared to the canned ones.

Lean beef

Another good source of protein is beef. Although it might not be something that most kids love to eat, you can use your creativity and cook something that your kids will love to eat.


When it comes to a great breakfast then there is nothing that beats boiled eggs in the morning. Your kids will love it and consuming boiled eggs can help them grow mentally as well.


Chicken has a light taste as compared to beef and seafood. So if your kids prefer to eat something that doesn’t feel like a heavy dish and easy to consume then you should feed them boiled chicken or chicken bone broth.


Almonds are a great source of healthy fats and protein. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which helps to promote mental health. Those who consume almonds in their daily diet have a sharp memory, so they are beneficial for your kids.


Most kids hate to eat veggies, it can be due to the reason that we don’t force them enough or make it their habit to eat veggies. Try to force your kids to eat veggies, whether they are starchy, boiled, or green veggies just try to feed your kids vegetables.

6. Spinach

Spinach is rich in iron and it helps to improve the heart health of your kid. Making it their habit to eat such veggies will help them a lot in future as spinach can to reduce inflammation that can cause acne at a later age.

7. Brocolli

Once your kid starts consuming salad 3-4 times in a week then he won’t suffer from digestive issues or any inflammation-related issue. Broccoli is rich in calcium and it really helps with the growth of bones. It is one of the best healthy foods.

8. Peas

Peas are rich in iron and this make them great for immune system. As your kid is in the growing stage, peas can help to improve your kid’s eyesight. Apart from that, it can improve digestive health as well.


As I said before that try to avoid giving artificial sugary foods to your kids. Try to replace them with healthy fruits, all the fruits are a natural source of sugar and by consuming it your kids won’t get obese.

9. Apple

A good source of healthy fibers that can ease the bowel movement of your kids. Apple is a probiotic that can increase the number of good bacteria in the stomach. So you will be boosting your kid’s digestive health.

10. Orange

Fruits that are rich in vitamin C are great for skin health and it can also improve bone health. Vitamin C helps to boost the production of collagen which will eventually support the bone growth of your kid.

11. Banana

Banana can boost the energy levels of your kid’s. Like I said before that your kids need sugar to stay active and by consuming banana on a daily routine they won’t need the artificial sugary foods.


As we are talking about the growth of your kids, they need calcium, protein, and vitamin D in their diet. All these nutrients are great for their bone health and will improve the growth of their bone and muscles.

12. Milk

There are kids who love to drink milk but there are some who just don’t like the smell of milk. It a great source of vitamin D and protein. If your kid doesn’t like drinking regular milk then try to mix some flavor in it.

13. Cheese

Healthy fats are good for the health of your kids. They need all the important nutrients to grow properly.. Cheese is a great source of fat, protein, vitamin A, and calcium. Once your kids start to eat this, then your kid will have the perfect growth.


All these foods are great for a proper growth of your kids, if you re not giving them these healthy foods then you are missing out a lot on their diet. Once you add these foods to their diet you will notice that they are productive and active. Your kids need all these nutrients to grow, these foods will help them to grow mentally and physically.