Health and Wellness Trends That Will Dominate in 2018


Our focus on health and wellness has reached new levels in 2018. We’re changing our diets for long-term nourishment. But, the rights and wrongs of the health and wellness topic are continually changing. It’s a bit tricky to predict accurately what to do to guarantee our wellbeing. In this article, we’ll look at the top health and wellness trends in 2018. Take a look.  

Moon Milk

Moon milk contains a mixture of warm milk, spices, honey and adaptogens, the herbal supplement that promotes balance. Consuming moon milk helps in relaxation and improving the quality of your sleep. Milk in itself contains melatonin and tryptophan; these are the two hormones that are common at inducing sleep. Health benefits aside, the moon milk will make a beautiful addition to your grid.

Turmeric Skincare

Turmeric spice is rich in anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties help deal with most skin concerns. It’ll help in healing wounds, calming your psoriasis and other skin-irritating conditions. It’s also crucial in the treatment of acne giving you a gorgeous natural glow on your skin. Well, there are not many products that will have turmeric as its main ingredient. However, its skin-loving benefits are unlimited. You name any skin condition; turmeric skincare does it.  


Moringa is an all-powerful inflammation fighter. Known as “most useful tree in the world,” its nutrition profile is dominating the wellness market. It contains twice the proteins in spinach, and three times as much iron. It’s also rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin A. Well, this veggie has a like able taste-its ground leaves are grassy and nutty like tea, its seeds are also slightly sweet. With all these benefits, food companies are not shying away from adding Moringa into everything juices, kombucha, protein powders and nutrition bars. It’s even entering chip aisle, where you can grab a bag of moringa balls for your movie Sleepover.  

Nut-Milk Yoghurt

Change is coming to the yoghurt culture; it’s now poised to become the next significant nut-milk trend. For a long time, people have preferred plant-based yoghurts for long because of taste. However, with the nut-yoghurts catching up on flavour and texture, it’s going to have its moment. If you’re a health conscious person and less likely to define exclusively define milk as a dairy product, then nut-milk is your product.