Most Popular Hair Serum for Shiny and Silky Hair for Men


Believe it or not! Men are more hair conscious than women. Men struggle with hair problems like unruly hair parting, overgrown crown, cowlicks, and more. Above all these, men mostly desire silky and shiny hair. But thankful, today we have amazing hair serums for men that is purely wish come true for men. After reading this blog, you will encounter many hair serum options available in the market. So, choose and try these for the best results.

1. The Body Shop Grapeseed Hair Serum

The Body Shop has an amazing range of personal care products. It also displays men care products. Under their collection, you will find Grapeseed Hair Serum. It smoothens your tough hair and adds shine to it. If you use it for a month, you will see a change in your hair texture. This will cost you around 1400, but it is worth a try.

2. Streax Hair Serum

Streax Hair Serum has reached more consumers in India. This product contains walnut oil that is useful for the softening of hair. One needs to apply this after hair wash. You can buy this under 200. So try this budget-friendly product for silky and shiny hair, which also protects it from UV rays.

3. Beardo Hair Serum With Argan Oil

Beardo is a well-known brand that has products customized for men. Among its wide range of men personal care and grooming products, you can also find Hair Serum enriched with Argan oil. If you use it consistently, you make your hair softer and shinier. It will cost you around 300. So, add this product to your grooming kit.

4. Ustraa Turban Pride Hair Serum

Sikh men with Turban face a different level of hair struggles. To cater their needs, Ustraa has come up with Turban Pride Hair Serum that is enriched with avocado oil. This keeps your scalp moisturized and makes your hair stronger. You can start using this if you struggle with scalp dryness and hair thinning. This is sure among best hair serum for men available in Indian market. You can also look for unique hair care products from this brand.

5. Forest Essentials Hair Thickening Serum Spray

If you say a big no to chemicals, then organic grooming products or Forest Essentials is the best option for you. This is essentially a hair thickening serum that makes your hair shiny and silky. It includes extracts of kalonji seed oil, bhringraj, shikakai, and other herbal products. It is quite beneficial for the thick hair of men.

6. Beardhood Hair Growth Serum

If you face hair thinning problem and not getting any option for hair serum, then Beardhood hair growth serum is made for you. This is a non-sticky serum that is enriched with keratin that helps hair growth. It is also recommended for damaged hair and greying hair. So use this serum that has active biotin extract for the best results.

7. Schwarzkopf Osis Shine Serum

Schwarzkopf is one of the best hair serums for men, making your hair shiny and lasts long. It is non-sticky and non-fizzy. If you use it, then be sure of its long lasting effect. This product has proved to be a magical hair grooming product for men. So, try this for shiny and silky hair.

8. The Man Company Serum

The Man Company is another mainstream men grooming brand. It has an array of products that are customized for men hair struggles. If you are struggling with hair fall and damp hair, then you require using such serum that prevents it. This brand assures you of natural products that will make your hair healthier. So add this to your grooming kit for getting shinier hair.

9. Set Wet Shine & Set Serum

The very common Set Wet Shine is another well-known hair serum for men. It is non-greasy and light on the hair. It is budget-friendly that blends well with all hair types. You can use these two in one product to make your hair shiny and smooth.

10. TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum

TIGI is another brand with a great option of hair serum for men. It is, of course, very effective and controls frizzy hair. You can use this serum after hair wash for better results. You can buy this under ₹1000.


There we have listed the best hair serum for men that are worth trying. It is suitable for all hair types, and you can use it in any weather condition. So, these products make your life easier. Therefore, go through the blog and add these to your grooming kit.