Hair Care Tips For Men

Hair Care Tips For Men

Today, I will teach you how to go from dull and dry to smooth soft and healthy hair. Keep in mind that this will also help you to grow your hair faster, so follow these hair care tips and you will be one steps closer to your goal.

Don’t shampoo your hair every day :-

You can wash your hair ever single day if you need to but that doesn’t mean you should always shampoo. So this is what I suggest, shampoo only when you need to because it can be really harsh to your hair, scalp, and extract away all the natural oils that you need for that healthy shine, specially for shampoo that are not sulphate free. So wash your hair twice or maybe thrice with shampoo in a week.

Don’t be aggressive :-

After you get out of the shower don’t be aggressive on towel drying just pad dry otherwise you are going to loss lots of hairs because hair broke easily when its wet, and for the same reason try not to brush your hair when it is wet because it will pull your hair. Instead, you can use the wide tooth comb.

Don’t go to bed when the hair is still wet :-

Because moving a lot at night and rubbing your head against the pillow, and that will also cause breakage. If you do want to minimize the damage, I suggest you to use silk pillow cover its softer.

Get some Argan oil :-

Its make the hair smell amazing, its make it soft, shiny, smooth. It really helps if you have dry scalp, and it helps with dandruff.

Beware of heat styling tools :-

And reason I said that because the high temperature actually weaken the fibres of your hairs. Argan oils is actually an excellent heat protector or you can use other heat protector serum.

Avoid dying or bleaching your hair :-

Because it contains chemical which may damage your hair or dry your scalp.

Avoid sun damage :-

When you go out and stay under the sun for a very long time, and your head gets boiling that is not good for your scalp. If you can try to remain under the shade little while if you know you are going to be out for a long time or at least wear a cap to protect your hair, and your scalp.

Apply hair mask :-

Apply Avocado mask or Coconut mask its help if you have dry scalp.

Let your hair breathe :-

Once in a while don’t do anything to it no clay, not gel, no wax etc. and in that way your hair can breathe and you can relax.

Oil your hair :-

Oil your hair 2-3 times in a week because oiling your hair nourishes it. Heat a pure oil before applying it on your scalp because hot oils opens up the pores of the skin of your scalp.

Massage your hair :-

Massage your hair directly with your finger tip or use scalp massaged It helps to circulate your blood in scalp.