How To Know If A Girl Likes You More Than A Friend?

Girl Likes You More Than A Friend

Knowing if a girl you like you too, can be difficult at times because girls tend to be shy about their feelings at least more than boys. Also, it has been a ritual that only guys propose and the girls only accept or reject. However, the times are changing and even girls have started being vocal about their feelings. But still, you can find a girl who can make it difficult for you to know if she likes you too.

Signs a girl likes YOU

So if you want to know if the girl who has make you crazy likes you more than a friend; here are the signs a girl likes you:

1. Notice the way she is standing while talking to you. If she likes you, she will stand taller and her posture will look similar to a model because she wants to impress you too. She will touch her neck or run her hand through her hair while talking to you and this can tell she is into you.

2. If her feet are pointing towards you, it can be a good sign that she is comfortable around you. If she is sitting with legs tightly around, it can mean she is uncomfortable around you and wants to leave. If she is interested she will stand closer and comfortable.

3. In the middle of a conversation, if she is giving you slight touches, it means she is into you. It can be one of the important signs a girl likes you as she will only avoid touching you if she has no interest in you. A touch can be anything, a tap on your shoulder, a high-five, fixing your shirt, or removing that piece of food from your face; she is totally into you. 

4. Eye contact is another most important thing that you must look for. if she likes you more than a friend then she will not ignore the eye contacts. She will look into your eyes constantly while you are talking. She may shy away when you look at her but that’s a good sign.

5. Some girls tend to be shy in front of the person they like. So you need to be clear if she is feeling shy or is ignoring you. If she is shy or is blushing while you are talking to her, it means she is attracted to you and wants you to know that she likes you.

6. Smile is the key; if she smiles at you every time you meet or greet you with a smile; chances are she is into you. Notice if she laughs at your lame jokes when no one else does, she is giving you hints that you need to decode. But before you propose to her, look out for other signs as well.

7. When a girl thinks of you as more than a friend, she will be different around you. Maybe she will dress up nicely when you are around or she shows her real self to you. However, you need to know how she behaves around her friends and which side she is showing to you.

8. She will listen to you carefully all the time. Whenever you will tell something whether important or unimportant, she will be all ears. This shows her interest in you and she wants you to know more about you as she likes you more than a friend. She will even add to the conversation if she wants to spend more time with you. In case she makes excuses to leave or tells you to listen to your story sometime later, she is not into you.

9. It can be surprising if a girl wants to know more about you but she will do this when she likes you more than a friend. This is one of the most important signs a girl likes you as she will only get personal when she is interested in you. 

10. Now to take the things forward, she will want to meet you or spend more time with you and for that matter, she will make excuses to meet you. She may want to hide that she is interested in you and that is the reason you will find her making excuses to be with you. If that is the case, go, get her.

11. You can do one more thing to know that if a girl thinks of you more than as a friend. Ask her to help you out with something and if she is ready to help you, know that she likes you. A direct no or if she makes an excuse is a sign that she is not ready to go that extra mile with you. Also, she will give you quick replies only if she wants you to be with her.

These were some of the signs that can tell if a girl likes you more than a friend.