Fixing of [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] error



Have you ever faced the [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] error? It is a very common error that is faced by many users while they try to send or receive emails through their Outlook accounts. This error usually occurs due to problems in network connectivity. Yet, sometimes the reason behind this issue might not be a problem in network connectivity. Various other reasons lead to the mentioned error.

But it is of relief that you can easily eradicate PII error by simple techniques without any hassle. In this article, we are going to discuss the several factors leading to  [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] error and the complete guideline that you must opt to solve it.

What is MS Outlook?

MS Outlook is a personal information manager. It is primarily a software system that is controlled by Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook is chiefly considered as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. There are several functions included in MS Outlook. For example, some of the basic functions include task managing, note-taking, web browsing, journal logging, and calendering.

The basic features of MS Outlook are as follows:

  • Allows you in scheduling emails
  • Helps in creating new meetings, tasks, appointments, and contacts
  • Allows you to apply shortcuts in keyboards
  • Helps in viewing messages
  • Lets you send similar categories emails quickly
  • Sharing calendars is available here
  • Extremely effective in managing tasks

What is a PII error in MS Outlook?

The full form of PII genuinely means Personally Identifiable Information. They occur due to incorrect parameters with authentications, port numbers, and insecure connections. The major factors that lead to all sorts of PII errors are as follows:

  • Due to the conflict in the SMTP server
  • An error within the setup
  • There may be corruption in software

What are the factors leading to the [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] error in MS Outlook

As we have mentioned earlier, the mentioned error chiefly occurs when MS Outlook fails to establish a stable connection with the server of the email.  Apart from this, the other reasons that force the formation of [pii] error are as follows:

  • Your device is probably not connected to Active Internet connectivity.
  • If your device is properly receiving an active internet signal then check your Outlook profile. The profile may have got severely damaged by the influence of any external factor.
  • When both the above factors are not causing any problem, then most probably the PII error is caused by a problem in your PC. It might happen that your PC has been affected by some type of incorrect antivirus configuration.
  • Finally, the error may also occur when the files on the server of POP3 have been damaged somehow.

How to solve  [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] error in MS Outlook

Problems are very likely to arise in any situation. Just like every other error, this error has also got some solutions. The most crucial thing is to know the solution. So, for those who are not yet aware of the solutions, here we come with all the methods that you might apply on facing this error. We assure you that you will definitely be able to troubleshoot the [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f]  error.

Following are the techniques that will help you in fixing the PII error:

Check the stability of your Internet connection

An unstable or poor internet connection determines largely the occurrence of any error on your device. It can be a primary factor causing the error. Thus, initially start by checking your Internet connectivity. Be pretty sure that your device is jit lagging Internet connection. You can attach your device to any other online service. This will help you to make sure whether there are any issues regarding your Internet connection or not.

Try to change the antivirus configuration on your PC

Once you have assured the fact that your device is experiencing an active and stable Internet service, next you need to check the antivirus configurations on your PC. If you have installed an Antivirus program on your PC recently, then it might be configured naturally to scan your emails automatically. If the problem is with the Antivirus configuration, then your Outlook app might not function properly. Therefore, disabling the “Email Scanning” feature by changing the Antivirus configuration is important.

Reinstall the outlook app

Sometimes reinstalling your Outlook app will be effective in fixing the [pii] error. In many cases, it has been witnessed that temporary files get damaged unknowingly. On re-installation, these damaged files will be deleted permanently. Hence, you can fix the error by removing the primary source of the issue.

Update the Outlook app

Updation is another crucial factor that creates problems in most cases. You might be wondering and searching for the cause when it can be just a lag of update. Thus, you are suggested to update your Outlook app when all the other solutions have already failed to work. Updating the app will delete all the unnecessary cache that might have been causing errors for so long.

Clearance of unimportant folders from your Outlook account is necessary

Unnecessary folders are nothing but cache and pose serious threats to your software. Outlook account can also be hampered by the presence of unimportant folders. Make sure that you have cleared the trash properly. You will surely notice an optimal performance.

Moreover, the presence of a large number of unnecessary folders also results in bandwidth issues. It is one of the chief reasons that users are always advised to clear their unnecessary files to make their PC run smoothly.


So, if you were wondering about the solution to this issue, here was your solution. Follow these guidelines to run your account on MS Outlook in a smooth manner. If you handle your MS Outlook account with supreme care, you can easily get rid of any errors within a minute. We hope that we have been successful in giving you all the information you required regarding the [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] error.

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