Finding the Essential Options for the Best Web Development Options

Web Development

Finding a web designer can be an exciting process. You can find a freelancer who will do the work you need, or contract with a design agency. Or maybe you want to attract a web designer to your team on an ongoing basis. It all depends on your priorities. If you yourself are a web designer and want to show that you are able to do design of sites qualitatively, then this article will also be useful to you, as it will improve your portfolio. Let’s look at below important aspects of finding a worthy web designer.

The Portfolio

The portfolio contains examples of adaptive designs. We are amazed at the fact that many designers still do not include their variants of adaptive sites in the portfolio. After all, it is impossible to say that a designer is able to perform design of sites qualitatively and create an adaptive design, if this is not mentioned in the portfolio. Of course, there is a possibility that the designer mistakenly did not include this part of his work in the abstract, but there is also the possibility that he does not know how to do this at all. The Web Development options get all the more.

What’s strange and unprofessional?

  • The Internet is such a flexible environment that successfully works both on microscopic media and screens, and on huge ones. Therefore, the presence of adaptive design is extremely important, and any self-respecting web designer should include at least a screenshot of an example of adaptive design in his portfolio.
  • Let’s take the example of Jenny Johansson, who begins her case study for with the design of the site for the mobile platform, since it is now clear that the future is behind similar devices. And it’s cool! In her work, mobile devices play a leading role, and they are always at the center of any project. Or take the portfolio of the company Toy Fight, where as a section separately highlighted designs for mobile devices.
  • The portfolio mentions studies conducted. Any design project should include any research. Its results will help you to move in the right direction. Studies can be different, and at the moment there is no unified scheme. For example, the research may include interviews with users, A / B testing, analytics and metrics, heat maps, heuristic evaluation, scenarios, questionnaires, etc.

Design is communication to a greater or lesser extent

And the web designer is mainly engaged in that communicates with customers, and then returns to communicate with the target audience of the site. Therefore, it is very important to reflect your communication skills in the portfolio. The work of the designer consists not only of presenting a ready design project. In fact, a ready site is a quality final product, on the way to the creation of which the designer constantly has to communicate with the audience through case studies.

Of course, a talented designer is able to create an unmatched site and perform design of sites qualitatively. But the designer is not only hired for this. First of all, by changing the design of the site, he must solve a certain problem: to increase sales, the number of clicks or subscribers. Different tasks require different solutions. And a designer with good communication skills will bring to you his unique solution.