Fashion trends you shouldn’t miss during the upcoming fashion weeks


The modernism of the fashion design is on a higher notch with every fashion designer trying to harmonize ideas, thoughts, and desires and see them on human beings gracing their fashion week occasions. You cannot be left behind with the modern trends for the women fashion which are most appealing that every designer and every lover of fashion must know. Among the contemporary fashion trends are the color wheel tailoring, the hippy modernism, square toes, and feathery accessories, sweet valley high and wonky couture.

Color Wheel Tailoring

Fashion designers have chosen the wardrobe design of suits which in most cases come with the bold color shades, an inspiration from the seasonal appearance of Le Smoking at Saint Laurent.  Mostly skirts, trousers, shorts, and jackets that form the suits are in bold shades all through. However, some fashion designers have chosen to have then dressed down with denim or softer hues as they featured at the Giuliana Heritage Collection and Victoria Beckham. The trend has taken the better part of the formal wear that most fashion lovers are falling in love. For contemporary week fashion, one should not miss this unique creativity on the conventional style for the daily work activities.

Square Toes

The revival of the 90’s style has become the trend of the modern dressing design.  The square-toed satin pumps and flats as first featured at Erdem and the high-heeled boots which had a renaissance at Cavalli have all rock the modernism of the shoe fashion industry. They were the favorites in the ’90s, and now they are back on the trend, and they are more and more fashionable than ever. Every Fashion designer and lovers of patterns should check this resurgence of Square toes and make them part of the trendy fashion weeks.

Feathery Accessories

Once in a lifetime, the fluffy style used to rock until when it was overcome with love for newer trends. But again just as the squared toes, the feathery style is back on the pattern in a substantial fashionable way. Another style that fashion designers have taken from the ’90s and wished to make it better, and more fashionable to rock in the 21st century again. It started as the peacock, then ostrich and now it is fluffy fur. I’m sure everyone is in love with the new fur in town, and it is rocking fashion weeks again and again.

High and Wonky Couture

The hoodies and at leisure-wear is what receives the boost from the SS19’s fashion. The Couture dressmaking and craft skills are more prevalent in the style of ruffles, sunray pleats, and personality-packed volume dresses – for spring, Fine tulle, bubble skirts, balloon sleeves, swirls of taffeta and duchess satin. It is another retrogression of the 50s and 60s era that is coming up as the newest fashion in towns. However, the fashion designers have given it better shapes to make it more appealing to fashion lovers.

The predominant styles at fashion weeks are also proof that designers continue to be inspired by clothing and couture of decades past. Apart from the 90s, there are looks and shoes inspired by trends prevalent in the 50s and 60s.

Finally, denim is a classic. Regardless of the decade and design aesthetic, it will always have a place in the runways of Paris, London, or New York.