Fashion Tips and Tricks to Follow in 2018


Fashion trends are dynamic. What’s in fashion today may not be trending tomorrow.

Choosing the garment to buy maybe confusing. Probably, you don’t know the trend and look that favors you. At times, you may feel like your violating your own style.

If you’re experiencing all this, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll discuss basic fashion rules and trends that will bring out your persona. Have a look.

 Identify Your Style

If you want to be fashionable, you’ll need to create your own style. What do you like? What lights up your mood?

When choosing your fashion trends, it’s important you choose something that you like. Choose a garment that emphasizes your positive points and hides the areas you don’t feel so good showing.

Opt for a clothing that makes you comfortable and one that’s appealing.

   Stick to the Current Trend

The trick here is to pick something that’s trending and good for your body. Don’t make the mistake of buying because it looks good on your friend.

It’s always important to ask, does it favor my physique? If yes, go ahead and buy. If not, try different models and types until you get the right one.

  Choose the Correct Size

When choosing something to wear, it’s imperative that you select the correct size. , some people will choose loose or tight clothes to conceal or highlight some areas on their body. Well, this is a big mistake and you shouldn’t try it.

Very tight, very long or very short clothes will draw attention. But, they are also likely to give impressions of vulgarity or laziness. Select the garment that fits your body style and shapes and in the perfect size.

Also, buy that which is necessary. Don’t buy for the sake of increasing your wardrobe, No. buys that which you need and like.

  Exercise Consciousness When Shopping

If you go shopping, remember to buy only that which is essential. Make plans for what you need to buy before heading out for the boutique. For instance, if you plan two skirts and come back with a pair of pants, the purchase won’t be very profitable.

When purchasing new clothes, it’s important that you compare what’s in your wardrobe and what you need to buy. You can’t keep on changing your wardrobe every three months. It’s untenable.

  Choose Suitable Accessories

If you’re buying a certain clothing to give a specific look, don’t forget about other accessories. Which shoe or bag matches this outfit?

Always test your clothes in the store before making any buy. It’ll help you determine whether the clothing you buy is fitting or not.

  Wear a Comfortable and Suitable Inner-wear

The primary reason for going for a trending wear is to feel good and comfortable about a given wear. It’s thus important that the lingerie you wear compliments your aspirations.

Choose an inner-wear that highlights what you have and one that favors your curves.  For instance, choosing a good bra will hold your breasts firmly. It’ll also allow you to highlight your beautiful neckline.

Your panties should be comfortable, its fabric shouldn’t leave marks on your clothes.

   Choose the Right Materials Wisely

When choosing your garment, you should give more emphasis to its materials. Silk, cotton, and jacquard are all light materials, but free of shines.

However, any garment embroidery you buy will be decorated. These elements of decoration are both for evening fashion and day-to-day business.

   Take Your Time

Well, you may choose a look that turns out to be perfect in a day or less. However, it’s not always the case.

Your mood, weather or any other aspect can change your previous look.

Probably you’ve gone through a moment where you realize that you’ve got nothing to wear to a given event. But, if you take your time to plan your wardrobe, you’ll always get a good combination to wear.

   Signature Look

Identify a key combination that won’t fail you. For instance a complete black look or a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt.

With a signature look, you’ll never have to worry about what to wear to a given event.


Before you choose the specific fashion to go for, it’s essential to do some research.

Check, is it in the current trends? What accessories can I wear with this clothing?

It’s very important to choose a fashion trend that blends well with your body.