FAQs About Bitcoin Apps Like Bitcoin Up And Why They’re All The Rage


There’s a surge in cryptocurrency users, and it’s dramatically expanding as the world begins to see how diversifying investments, more specifically, into digital assets. They’re regarded as safeguards against economic plunges, inflation, market freezes, and the like.

Now more than ever, people are hunting for ways to secure assets, along with methods to acquire ones that are of high value and yet are only slightly affected (if at all) by possible market and national currency instability.

That’s why they’ve turned to other sources for investments, and Bitcoin is already included in the category of virtual currency worth giving attention to. While fiat currencies take the hit when economies become volatile, Bitcoin remains relatively unaffected and finds itself with even more investors piling up at its front door.

And with bitcoin apps like Bitcoin Up, following news, trading, and investing in electronic money can be done with fewer hassles and greater returns. Here’s why you should join the bandwagon.


Bitcoin FAQs + Security

This type of cryptocurrency, the pioneer of them all, in fact, is basically a vast set of computers that operate under Bitcoin’s unique code. These, then, are stored in what’s called “blockchains”. Try to imagine a blockchain as a collection of blocks, and the blocks themselves contain transactions. Each block has a bundle of the latter.

Going back to what we mentioned about that set of computers, all of these machines are interlinked with one another and share the exact same information. As a result, they share the exact data of every single blockchain and every single transaction that occurs real-time.

Due to this, it’s been said that these computers can potentially “see” what blocks are being added to, and/ or emptied, from a bird’s-eye view as well as down to the detail. Big brother watching, if we may say so. This brings us to Bitcoin Security.

Bitcoin Security

Many of those who champion this cryptocurrency claim that users need not be worried about its security. Any kind of fraudulent activity will immediately be spotted, and the operation forthwith blocked all to way to the originator.

Here’s where we need to explicate a misconception. Many believe that because anybody can have a look at transactions that are being made real-time, this faculty is what may shatter the protection of Bitcoin’s algorithms over its investments and, by direct relation, its investors.

However, ironically, the exact opposite is what actually transpires. Blockchain forking will instantaneously divert the attack a miscreant will have to raise his or her computing power to at least over 50% in order to bypass Bitcoins computers.

And this is near impossible because the number of Bitcoin’s nodes constantly increases exponentially (and was at a number of 47,000+ nodes by early 2020, and counting). Experts agree that even getting to 2% is literally and technically infeasible.

How It Works

Bitcoin “tokens” are held through what’s termed as “keys”. These keys are lengthy chains of letters and numerals that are connected via an encryption algorithm that created these chains in the first place. Full circle.  And said keys are sectioned as either public or private.

Public keys can be thought of as addresses and/ or are comparable to central and commercial banks’ “account numbers”, and these are issued to the rest of the globe. These keys/ addresses are the locations wherein Bitcoin users can send and receive bitcoins to and fro.

On the other hand, private keys, analogous to PIN numbers in your ATM, are what should be shielded at all costs and at all times. Private keys must only and strictly be utilised as a means to authorize the transmitting of bitcoins.

Are Bitcoin keys parallel to Bitcoin wallets? No. A Bitcoin wallet is merely how you would imagine a physical wallet. It just stores your bitcoins. It’s digital, and it has other functions such as providing you with data regarding your transactions and is among what you can use for facilitating your tradings.

Then again, the word “wallet” should not mislead you as Bitcoins are essentially decentralized. Simply stick to its literal description in the paragraph before.

Why Choose Bitcoin Up And Similar Apps

The “price” or the value of Bitcoin, though is a variable that analysts still cannot explain within the confines of a rigid definition the way fiat currencies are, can shift promptly and drastically.

Supplement this with the fact that Bitcoin trading is a 24/7, round-the-clock process. The rise and fall of “prices” are tough to predict. For this reason, investors should try not to think of Bitcoin trading the way they do regular asset trading.

There’s basically no trend that can be mapped out precisely because cryptocurrency is decentralized in nature. There’s no governing entity that can be traced to foresee its pricing movement. Users need to manually follow BTC news and painstakingly watch out for price changes.

This is where having Bitcoin Up is an advantage. Here’s a software program that is capable of doing your job up to 300 times faster. It can track BTC news worldwide and make quick decisions about where to trade, when to trade, and when not to. You won’t have to keep checking the trading environment every few minutes. You won’t have to disrupt your day-to-day activities because Bitcoin Up will do the hard work for you.

Artificial Intelligence is what backs this impressive system. Through Machine Learning, it can pick up trading insights in a span of seconds. Of course, investment losses still hang in the offing as the entirety of Investment in itself is a risky undertaking, no matter what the main asset and/ or commodity at stake.

What Bitcoin Up does is increase your likelihood of profiting greatly. Alternately, you’ll still be in control. Should you have the instinct to act or not to act on a trade, you have the last say nonetheless.

Bitcoin Up is relatively new, which is a major clue for why people are still unsure whether they should dip their toes in first before taking the plunge in this app. It’s a normal reaction, if you ask us. But if you calculate how much time and effort (and uncertainty) you’ll save when it comes to Bitcoin trading, we believe that the trade-up is going to be much more worth your while than you think.