The Easiest Ways to Rank Faster in CSGO


Ways to Rank Faster in CSGO

CSGO is among the most played online games and as the lockdown phase is extending in various countries, the craze for the game is increasing as well. Online games are a boon for enthusiastic players and when it comes to knowing the secrets of playing CSGO, there are many!

Are you also one from those categories of players who just can’t get enough from the enticing game?

If so, this blog is going to be a great read for you. Here we have discussed the ways in which you can rank faster in CSGO. You can buy CSGO prime account and enjoy the game by following these tips below. Keep reading.

How to rank faster in CSGO with cheap CSGO prime account?

Even if you own a prime account in the game of Counter Strike Global Offensive, you must work Inna few things to keep ranking to the higher positions and reach the Global Elite rank.

  1. Work on your weaknesses

Working on your weaknesses is the best way to rank faster in the game of CSGO. And, how you can fix your drawbacks is to keep playing and practice against higher level opponents. You can start from going against average ranked players and spend time to practice various skills in the matchmaking game.

Rather than working on their skills, recoil, aim and crosshair placement, many players waste their time in spamming matchmaking games endlessly. This would not take you anywhere close to the Global Elite rank but will waste your time and energy that you could have used in polishing your skills.

Your weaknesses is something that is completely in your hands to improve and when given a chance, we suggest you do it.

Always try to better yourself and you can buy CSGO smurf accounts to level up your position in the game quicker. Now, this doesn’t mean your skills are not important. You still need to work on yourself.

  1. Learn smoked for CSGO maps

Learning a few smokes for all the maps is a perfect way to win maximum rounds. It helps all your teammates and you to get control of the most significant areas in CSGO. Always focus on the most crucial smokes for the maps you choose to play.

Now, how can you learn smokes in CSGO? One of the amazing ways is to go to a private server with a few friends and try smoking off different regions of the map. In case you don’t want to spend time finding utility lineups on your own, you can check out YouTube videos on it.

  1. Improve your basic knowledge and fundamentals

To rank faster in the game of counter strike, you must ensure having the fundamentals in control. This way, you can work on the general mechanics of the game as per your convenience.

The main areas to work on is your map rotations, positioning and your team play. Additionally, it is is essential to know when you need to be bitsy, spray or tap. So, you also need to work on these areas to have the fundamentals clear.

These efforts will bring you good returns as you will be able to land fantastic headshots. Other essential areas to work on includes knowing hot to counter storage, move around smartly and jiggle peek.

If you don’t know the right way of peeking, there are training sessions provided by platforms that sell CSGO smurf accounts.

  1. Respect and concentrate on teamplay

Teamplay is the most important thing to focus on while playing CSGO. If you don’t play in a team and work on the skills of your team, it would crumble very easily and getting ranked on the higher positions will be nothing but your unfulfilled dream.

You must make sure that the entire team is in perfect coordination through communication, helping each other out a d trade dragging whenever necessary to with more and more games. This pattern makes playing this inline game easier than ever.

You must also pay attention to the financial condition of your teammates and make sure to pitch in to buy. This ensures that you don’t end up with only three players having pistols and the other two with just AWPs.

You can purchase cheap CSGO prime accounts together, so all of you share the same benefits and put in equal efforts to win important games. Also, you must know the position of your teammates on the map so that no one falls down because the one of the teammates died on the battlefield.

  1. Keep away from toxicity

Surprisingly, the most common and easiest way to slip away a win is by showing anger or ’tilt’ in Counter Strike Global Offensive. When you tilt, you affect your performance negatively as you get more indulged into the things that annoy you, and not winning the level.

None of your teammate would like you to use a harsh tone while criticizing their playstyle. So, if ever you feel the need to correct them, use a constructive tone. When the players start behaving in a toxic manner with each other, it affects the positive environment of teamplay.

This way, none of you in the team will be benefitted but your opponents. So, it is better you improve your mindset and become more focused on winning the game with team efforts. As it is said, positive minds yield positive results.


When you follow these easy and simple ways to improve yourself, you automatically make way to talk higher in the game. And once you reach the Global Elite, you can even start playing on the third-party sites.

The choice is yours if you want to switch the platform or not, but there are players who wish to have a new challenge as they already have experienced the feel of being at the highest rank in CSGO.

Now that you are aware about the tips you should follow in order to get higher rankings in the game. So, start playing more focused after buying CSGO prime account and improve your rank faster in the online game.

Happy Gaming!