Why should e-Learning solutions have a reliable and user friendly LMS?


Elearning companies in India and around the world have been focusing more on creating quick Elearning courseware rather than focusing on delivering a complete solution. To elaborate, most of the Elearning companies focus on the development of animated content and graphics in it. However, they forget that unless an Learning Management System (LMS) with a structured layout is available wherein all the content can be systematically displayed to the user, the Elearning solution may not augur well with the learners. This is one of the reasons why approaching Elearning companies, who give extra attention to LMS, would always be beneficial. One more option is getting an Elearning solution developed from an Elearning company which specialises in LMS development, and thus, is recognized as an LMS development company too.

Possible hurdles of not having a robust LMS system for an Elearning solution

Consider a scenario. A working professional returns home and checks out the training materials. However, being tired after returning from the office and in the limited time to spare for learning, it becomes difficult for him to study, as the topics and content are not arranged in an organized manner and correlated to each other to render comprehensive understanding. This may demotivate the learner as he has hardly 1 to 2 hours to study after returning from the office, and the topics he is searching for are difficult to find in the course material. In such cases, there is a possibility that the learner may not feel like learning from the course materials, with the notion that the Elearning solution does not have well-structured navigation features, which may help the learning process. This is where an eLearning Company which is also recognized as an LMS development company may be helpful since they pay extra attention to the creation of the best Elearning content with user friendly LMS interface.

What features should you look for while opting for an LMS based Elearning solution?


A simplified dashboard with the host of features on the LMS is the first thing that you need to check out for while looking out for an Elearning solution. In addition, certain essential features that are provided by the Elearning company are as follows:

  1. LMS development company offers Elearning solutions which are compatible with different scalable features and formats such as HTML5, XML and EPUB3. This compatibility allows fast content development and conversion of content from flash for PPT format to HTML5.
  2. LMS development company can develop customized Elearning solution with a dashboard as per the requirements of the organization for training purpose. This may be a big help as the content style will be based on the learning preference of the working professionals.
  3. Elearning companies can develop LMS with useful features that would allow them to track, analyses, and understand the performance of the learners. This is a major enhancement as working professionals can understand their area of weakness and work on them.
  4. LMS development companies add innovative features such as quick course creation based on the academic calendar; tracking progress; generating notifications to intimate about the upcoming academic events, and integration of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and community forums so that the learners can interact and learn from with each other.