Dumbbell Workout Plans For Men

Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbell Workout

Today to keep a healthy life, it is very much important to eat healthy foods. Along with the foods, physical exercises are also very important. Without these two things, it is impossible to lead a healthy lifestyle. Thus, we all should try to eat all the green vegetables foods and do exercises regularly. We should not eat junk goods daily because it can lead us towards a bad health. The junk foods increase our body weight and bring many illnesses.

Though there are, many workouts are available which men can do. There is a little difference between Workout for men and workout for girls. Men are capable for lifting heavy weight easily where girls cannot lift heavy weights. However, the dumbbell workout is the most helpful exercise for all men and women. Besides that, there is push up, squats, barbell straight-leg dead lift, barbell hip thrust, dumbbell floor press, dumbbell chest-supported row and many more.

To maintain strength, men should add dumbbells to their exercise routine and nervous coordination. What’s more, than dumbbells tone because they are not attached to the machine or forehead, they allow free movement and require more muscle stability, allowing more muscle to be used than machines. They are small and easy to store, so get a few different pairs of workouts for men and a complete workout in the comfort of your own home.

Higher Body Or Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

The most basic upper body dumbbell exercises are presses. The most basic upper body dumbbell exercises are shoulder presses, chest pressure, rows, bicep, curls, overhead triceps extensions, tripod leak backs, bird lifts, frontal rips and reverse flies. Perform all these exercises during an upper body dumbbell program. For more advanced lifters, try unilateral training.

For example, press one shoulder but start with your weak side and lift only one dumbbell overhead. As long as you can, get up to your shoulder board, then transfer the arms and repeat for the same number of reps. This training, is great for activating your core and correcting muscle balance.

Lower Down Of Lower Body

The most basic lower part targets the cacad, the hamstring, the glottis lounge, and the fattening. The researches recommend dumbbells simultaneously by holding each hand one by one and doing compression squats with dumbbells on the outsides of your knee. Also, try wide stack squats with dumbbells in your knees, stationary lunges, reverse lunges and walking lunges.

Hold the dumbbells in front of your feet and hang them firmly over your shoulders, pushing them back and keeping them straight behind you. Keep dumbbells as close to your feet as possible. Go as low as you can until you feel a pool in your hamstrings, then insert your gluts to back up. Also, try single leg dumbbell squats, step-ups, side lunges and single-leg dead lifts.

Training Separator

Your dumbbell training routines can be divided into different ways. If you are doing new exercises and want to gain some overall strength and tone, do two or three full body dumbbell routines every week on tireless days. Choose four upper body exercises and four lower body exercises and change them every time. If you have more time and want to detach your upper and lower body, choose six to eight exercises per week.

To isolate individual muscle groups, Muscle and Strength recommends a three-day program per week. Try a push-up program on Mondays, using the chest and triceps, then a pulling program on Wednesdays, using the back and biceps, and finally a leg and shoulder day on Fridays. Do two or three full body dumbbell routines per week- consecutive days.

Programming For Your Goals

Do this training twice per week, giving at least 48 hours of personal muscle training time to recover. If you are new to exercise, start with lightweights but repeat 15 to 20 for two or three sets. To gain strength and muscle mass, use a heavy weight and complete three to four sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. For general health and wellness, do three sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise.

Why Should We Do Physical Exercise

The physical exercises play a vital role in our life. It helps to control many things in our and offer us a good health. If we daily do workouts then it will balance these things

  • Blood glucose control
  • Weight control
  • Reducing the risk of other complications related to diabetes
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved mood
  • A healthy, strong, happy human being

You can achieve all these things if you regular practice some workouts at your home. There is no need of to go to the gym; you can easily practice this dumbbell workout along with many more workouts at your home.


Hence, try this dumbbell workout at home to maintain a good posture of your body. This workout for men is very essential to build their body structure and for a good physic.