Details on Taking Care of Your Persian Cat

Persian Cat

Are you a cat lover? Do you want to buy a cute little Persian cat? No doubt that these sweet little paws are one of the most adorable and affectionate living creatures that you can have with you. They have an elegant and majestic appearance which is why Persian cats are one of the most demanding cat breeds in the world. Therefore, Persian kitten price in India is on the higher side. Their endearing flat face along with the amazing luscious fur of these cats makes them a great one to bring at your home. They are calm and quiet in nature and hence will never be a problem for people to maintain them even when you have kids around.

As they have a particular morphological characteristic, it makes them a cat which needs regular care. While adopting a Persian car, all you need to have in mind is that you need to give enough time on your pet, as they need a lot of attention. So today we will talk about the Persian cats and the details regarding the way you need to care for them.

How to take care of their fur?

We all know that Persian cats are the breeds that have abundance and long fur. This is the reason why they require regular care. You need to make sure that you brush them daily making use of a frat plastic bristle brush. However, the rounded spike metal brushes are also a great choice when it comes to avoiding damaging the sensitive skin.

The cat needs to get used to this procedure from a very young age. Brushing in such ways offers more relaxation, bonding and care to them. Making use of the combs, you can easily remove the tangles and knots which formed with passing days. It also aids in removing the dead hair from their skin. While brushing you will find the cat is losing hairs and which is pretty normal.

If you are not fine with brushing their fur, consider cutting their tangles and knots which is damaging their amazing coat. Apart from this, there are various other harmful consequences of not brushing Persian cats on a regular basis. If you don’t want them to become a nest for the fleas, make sure to groom them every day.

How to take care of their eyes?

If you find teary eyes, don’t get stressed, as this is very common in Persian cats. This can increase or decrease as per the season. Irrespective of the reasons, it is important that you need to clean them every single day making use of a soft toilet paper or a cotton pad.

To clean them, apply some moistened soft paper under their tear duct and also the inner corner. This will easily remove the secretion that gets accumulated under the eye. If you do not clean on a daily basis, the secretion will result in building u and become a scab. Some Persian Cats need to be cleaned twice a day which means you need to pay more attention.

How to clean the ears?

Persian cats, unlike other cats, produce a lot of wax and hence you need to clean the ears every week. This will prevent bacteria, mites and fungi infection and keep their health in check.

Make use of a soft paper and dip it in water to clean the outer surface. Use the cotton swab for cleaning the ear grooves, but do not enter the swab into their canal. In case you are not sure simply use the toilet papers.

How to take care of their claws?

Since it is about safety and if you have kids that love to play with them, you certainly need to check this. Trimming their claws in every two weeks is generally advised just the way you do for their eyes and ears. This will make a habit from a very young age. It is always better to clip their nails prior to bathing.

As Persian cats are the sedentary cats, they prefer living inside your house. However, they are adventurous and curious from inside and will try to visit the garden. However, you need to stay awakened that your cat does not go out and get into some fight as they do not know how to defence while attacks, it is better to keep then inside their home.

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What is the apt diet for the Persian cat?

As these cats are quite sedentary, these cats tend to gain a lot of weight very easily. This can result in getting different types of heart problems along with urinary calculi. Hence it is crucial that you maintain a balanced diet when it is your Persian cat.

In order to decrease the risk of getting overweight, there is a simple thing you require doing is to make sure you play with them. This will ensure doing some physical exercise in them.

Bottom Line: 

A Persian cat is undoubtedly one of the most amazing breeds. If you are willing to adopt a Persian cat, make sure that you read this article and have knowledge of their maintenance and care. This is one of those breeds that have high maintenance which means you need to have time for maintaining them.

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