5 Designer Cakes For Kid Boys and Girls

Designer Cakes
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Designer Cakes

Birthdays are special! Period. And to make it a more memorable experience for the birthday person, people surrounding him or her please with gifts, and cake. Of course, who can forget a cake when it’s about birthdays. However, relishing a classic vanilla cake or any buttercream cake on birthdays tends to get boring. And, why always satiate the taste buds with something ordinary when you can go extra sweet and beautiful?

Owing to the various revolutions and advancements in the baking industry, you can now order birthday cakes that are symbolic of beauty, precision, and taste. From bringing cartoon characters live to baking cakes that resemble art, nowadays cakes are a beauty to behold and taste.

If your kid’s birthday is around the corner, order for his or her birthday cake cutting ceremony, a designer cake. Because a kid’s birthday is all about whimsical decorations, colourful ambience, fun games, party poppers, and everything pretty, so,  only a designer cake will do justice.

So, here are some of the designer cakes that you can, we suggest you should order for your kid’s birthday or the birthday of a little one. Let’s explore!

1. Baby Bubble Cake: Your kid’s 1st birthday will always be more notable and exceptional than his or her other birthday celebrations. Therefore, you surely wouldn’t like to spoil the birthday celebration with an ordinary birthday cake. A bubble themed cake with edible sugar balloons and fondant baby bears is all you need to mark the 1st birthday of your kid in a grand and memorable manner. Years later, while seeing the photographs, your kid will surely tell you that it was the best birthday cake he or she has ever seen or eaten.

2. Jungle Safari Cake: Kids are always fascinated with wild animation and tales. Why not bring their fascination alive with a Jungle Safari cake? A delicious cake topped with fondant lion, elephant, monkey, giraffe is sure to steal the hearts of the little party revellers. Moreover, the flower and grass decorations make the cake adorable and perfect for every kid’s birthday.

3. Minion Cake: Minions live in the hearts of every kid and will continue to do so. A fondant minion cake is the best ever cake option for a kid’s birthday party, whether or not you are throwing a minion themed birthday party. From Bob to Stuart to colourful Minion; there are several choices for you. Choose anyone and make the kid’s go bonkers with happiness.

4. Superhero Cake: If you are a parent to a boy child, you are quite well aware of his love for superheroes. From his t-shirts to toys to stickers, everything is about Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Avengers, etc. For his birthday, gracing it with a Superhero themed cake is idyllic. Go for the one he is quite fond of. To make it more interesting, you can throw a theme party around it.

5. Princess Cake: Every girl is a princess of her mom and dad. If God has blessed you with a beautiful angel, make her feel one by sweeping the table with a princess cake. Barbie cake, Frozen princess cake, doll cake, tiara cake are popular choices for girls.

Make every birthday moment delicious and beautiful with these designer cakes for girls and boys.