How to Create a Customer App for Your On-Demand Delivery Platform?


On Demand Delivery App

On-demand business is getting vast day by day, and most of the fields are adopting this strategy. It compels many professionals to follow. Whether it is food delivery, taxi ride, or an eCommerce parcel, on-demand delivery has a vast scope. This also pushes software companies to bring out the best solutions for these professionals. The on-demand delivery software is needed by many professionals. 

But many of the professionals don’t know the basic things which are important to consider before integrating the solution or mobile app.

Here in this article, you will get the guidance over how to create a customer app for the use in the on-demand delivery platform. But before that, let’s have features of the delivery app.  

What are the key features of the on-demand delivery app?

While implementing the on-demand delivery app, you must consider many features. It should be made based on a user perspective. In short, you should curve out the best application, which is rich in all essential features. The other features are as follow:

● Driver schedule

● Tracing of the delivery on the map

● Providing feedback and ratings on deliveries

● Placing orders

However, these are general features that you have to consider. For the grocery and food delivery shopping, you have to consider shopping list, wish list, real-time calling, and product search.

Making out the customer app for the on-demand delivery app:

To build the customer app for the on-demand delivery profession, there are many things to consider. These factors are as follow:

Choosing the app layout:

You must choose the app layout that suits to your on-demand delivery platform. This is the initial step. Make sure you must be clear about all the requirements which you are seeking.

Verify the needs of your audience:

Before going for on-demand delivery app development you must study the needs of your audience. This is the core ingredient in your application.

This could be done using the online survey or sharing an idea on social networking. This will give you a confirmation that your users are ready to spend money on your app.

Analysing your competition:

This is another crucial step to consider while developing an app. This helps you to get many important factors like keywords, targeted area, and other latest features.

To analyze the customer’s rating, feedback, and another new idea, the app store is the best place. The analysis of the competitor is beneficial a lot.

Posting the idea on the product hunt:

Posting your mobile app ideas on the product hunt helps a lot in gaining feedback from an engaged community. You will have to draft the product description, good visual content, and the desktop icon. This platform is useful to assess the startup idea’s popularity.

What is the cost of making an on-demand delivery app?

The average cost of the on-demand application depends on the features and complexity. The cost of different factors is as below

● UI/UX design: $1500 to $3000

● Testing: $2000 to $4000

● Front end and back end development: $6000 to $20,000

● Overall documentation: $1000 to $2000

It is advisable to hire the expert on-demand delivery app maker from the reputed company. The team must possess all skills to make out the quality end product.

Way to reduce the cost of delivery and transportation:

The on-demand transportation business sometimes disturbs our budget. This is the reason many professionals things twice before going to add software. To cut down the transportation expenses, you have to follow the below factors:

Limiting the delivery radius: You can set a specific area to deliver the parcel. This saves fuel and reduces vehicle wear. Limit the radius of your delivery area; this helps a lot in cutting down the cost.

Energy-efficient transportation:

Attracting bike rider is the other option to save the cost. It is because the maintenance of the bike is much cheaper as compared to other heavy vehicles. Additionally, it also creates a job opportunity.


In the coming time, almost all services will have their on-demand delivery solution to serve better. Hence, in the future, the need for such apps will be high. While planning for integrating application in your profession, it is essential to consider the current market scenario.

Last but not least, always add the latest trending concept. This could bring out the best positive effect on the business.