How to Create a Fitness Plan to Help You Lose Weight?


The struggle for weight loss gets more frustrating when there is no path to guide you through the journey. A well-laid fitness plan is what will help you work on your body towards regaining a perfect shape. An effectively personalized workout plan provides an ideal weight loss exercise that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Simple Weight Loss Workout Plans for Beginner to Advanced Exercisers

An estimated huge number of people have at once in their lifetime tried to lose weight. However, most of them lack clear insight into how they can walk into the weight loss journey. Given the unlimited weight-loss options, this shouldn’t be the case. Figuring out how to create a fitness plan in this weight-loss equation is always a good place to start.

A well-guided fitness plan sets a foundation for endless possibilities when you’re getting into a fitness routine. The plan is a good way to layout workout schedules. In addition to helping you lose weight fast naturally, workouts offer other benefits, including improved mood and a reduced risk of many chronic diseases.


The Best Fitness Plan and Weight Loss Options

There are numerous workout options and fitness trends out there. With this varied information, deciding on the best fitness plan remains easier said than done. But for a starter, how can you create a fitness plan that works perfectly for you? Well, let’s find out the best weight loss tips and how you can develop a fitness plan to help in your weight loss.

Heading out and getting sweaty is not all enough. There’s a need for a strategy that works separately for beginners and advanced fitness workout experiences. However, this also comes with questions about whether you want to slim down or cut down the excess fat.

A Fitness Plan for Beginners

When beginning your weight loss journey, it’s recommended to at least get 200 minutes of a moderate-intensity workout in a week. This is a great way to build momentum when you start on the low end as you scale up with fewer difficulties. As a beginner, the following less intense workouts are helpful because they are enjoyable and easy to do.

  1. 30 minutes Moderate Intensity Walk
  2. Relaxation Yoga
  3. Cross training such as swimming and bike riding

Fitness Plan for Advanced Exercisers

After navigating through the beginner level, there’s a need to plan for more advanced fitness workouts. At this stage, you have attained the necessary strength and fitness to handle harder weight loss workouts. The following fitness routines are important at this advanced level of fitness training for weight loss.

  1. Strength Training- Since you are fit enough, this helps build muscles for more high-intensity workouts.
  2. Aerobic Workouts-These workouts are a great deal in burning fat, and they’ll help you lose weight fast naturally.
  3. Flexibility Training- In the midst of all these workouts, you may want to keep your body healthy by trying out some flexibility training.

A Fitness Plan on How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently

The above fitness plans for beginners and advanced exercisers are just a preview to help you get it right when embarking on weight loss workouts. However, an ideal fitness plan for weight loss offers you more than that. It involves a customized routine, inclusive of weight loss nutrition that will help you achieve your goals.

We have shared insights into creating a fitness plan to help in your wellness and body goals. Follow the guide below to create a fitness plan that works best for you.

Start with the Weight Loss Goal

Attaining your fitness goals first requires you to identify them. In this case, weight loss is your ultimate goal. This will guide you to develop a realistic plan that effectively helps you lose weight fast, naturally, and permanently.  For you to execute the fitness plan well, ensure if the weight loss goal is;

1. Specific

Let the goal be specific enough to warrant a relatively specific approach to execution. For example, stating you want to lose 3 pounds of weight in a month is specific and clear. It gives you the desired weight loss inspiration towards achieving it.

2. Measurable

This involves determining exactly how to know when you’ve achieved your weight loss. Set a particular amount of weight you need to lose in a given time frame.

3. Attainable

Are your weight loss goals attainable? Focus on achieving small goals first. It may be difficult to shed 60 pounds of weight within 30 days of workout.

4. Time-Bound

Let there be an end date to your weight loss journey. It will grant you more accountability and the inspiration to get there. Smaller goals that are to be achieved along the way also need to be time-bound. Timely reassessments will help you stay on track.

Identify the Best Weight Loss Workouts

Setting out on the weight loss journey can be intimidating and quite challenging. There’s a need to have a clear cut-out approach on every available set routine. Most people fall into the temptation to try quick fixes hence failing to identify what works best for them.

1. Walking

Though ignored by many people, walking remains one of the most effective workouts for weight loss. It is very convenient and easy, especially if you’re a beginner. A single 30 minutes’ walk burns many calories and reduces excess body fat.

You can set your daily walking routine in the form of taking stairs instead of the lift. Timely lunch-time walks are also an ideal consideration you can incorporate in your workout options. Walking is a low-impact exercise; hence it does little to your body joints.

2. Jogging

Incorporating jogging in your workouts is another great way to begin your weight loss journey. Jogging helps you burn belly fat, which is mostly associated with massive weight gain. The belly fat is also linked to chronic diseases like heart disease.

Jogging is easy and can be done anytime from anywhere. Some prefer to jog in the early morning, whereas others like it in the late evening. Irrespective of the time, it all works best to attain the same goal. Just ensure you have the best cooling towel when heading out for jogging, as you may experience some sweating.

3. Interval Training

Interval training refers to exercises that alternate with recovery periods. They are commonly known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This high-intensity interval training helps you burn more calories than most of the other workouts.

The training helps you achieve a lot while spending less time exercising. You only need to choose the type of exercise you want, such as biking, jumping, or pedaling. Regarded as the best weight loss workout, interval training helps you lose weight fast naturally.

4. Weight Training

If you’re looking at how to lose weight fast, naturally, and permanently, then perhaps weight training will help you achieve that. This is a popular workout known for people seeking to shed a lot of weight. 30 minutes of weight training enables you to burn more than 100 calories. You only need to set aside 20-30 minutes of weight training in a day. However, this may vary in regards to other workout options.

Create a Workout Schedule

When creating your fitness plan, ensure you have a proper workout schedule in place. This helps you plan on the workouts you’ll undertake in a day and at what periods.  A workout schedule acts as a reminder of your day’s exercises. It also instills in you a habit of knowing what needs to be done.

Sometimes going about the journey of weight loss can become quite tiresome. However, having a workout schedule is in itself a weight loss inspiration that will keep you going.

Determine Your Weight Loss Diet

An ideal weight loss diet should be able to complement your fitness plan. Your diet needs to adopt a restrictive approach to certain foods that promote weight gain. If you want the best results, then perhaps modifying what you eat and how much you eat should be a key consideration.

A well-balanced weight diet means you maintain your healthy living even as you strive to cut the excess weight. There are a variety of recommended foods to incorporate into your diet. These include;

1. Vegetable

Vegetables are good sources of nutrients and make up for a good weight loss diet. Vegetables such as kales, tomatoes, and broccoli are a perfect pick to start with.

2. Fruits

Though high in sugar, fruits also make up for a good weight loss diet. However, be keen to watch your intake portions as the goal is to cut on weight. Blackberries and apples are a great pick, thanks to their nutrient density. Other foods to include in your diet are whole grain, nuts, fish, and beans.

Reassess Your Goals

Your fitness plan needs to work if you faithfully adhere to it. Ascertaining this will require you to evaluate your goals. Find out if it’s effective enough for the results. If not, find out where you went wrong or what needs to be changed.

This timely reassessment of your goals will help you determine where you went wrong in your fitness plan. It will also allow you to introduce new modifications that may include lightening your workouts or changing the diet.


Creating a fitness plan is key when you want to achieve sustainable weight loss. However, it’s most important to choose a workout option that you enjoy doing. Let us know how our insights have helped you with your successful weight loss journey.