CISSP Exam Perquisites


CISSP certification is one of the topmost levels of Cybersecurity Certifications. It is crafted by (ISC)² Association, an association known for years for providing the CISSP certification. The CISSP certification is crafted on the basis of high-end global standards. CISSP Certification is listed in the top 5 list of best certifications. It is basically experience and skill-based Certification. So, achieving this Certification, requires some strict perquisites. There are basically some important stages of achieving this Certification. Only after qualifying in all these stages, one can achieve the Certification.

This Certification is a high tier certification. So this is mostly achieved by the professionals who have gained the best and unique paid-work Experience in the domains of the Cybersecurity field. The CISSP certification holders are known as the wizards of the cybersecurity field. It is safe to admit that such professionals are admired and respected in every industry vertical. After achieving this Certification, the certification holders may no longer hunt for jobs heather and thither. In fact, best and leading organizations will short-list such CISSP certified professionals.

Advantages of CISSP Certification

As discussed in the above context. The CISSP certification indeed provides tons of advantages. The best advantages of CISSP certification are:

  • Get Better Recognition

After achieving the CISSP certification, and your name will be listed in the International list of CISSP certification holders. The (ISC)² CISSP certification is a globally recognized certification, and it is indeed globally recognized and reputed. So, this is for sure that you will get global recognition after achieving this Certification. After your name gets registered, in the list of CISSP certification holders list. It will be shared with companies worldwide. After you will have to wait for companies to contact you to work with them. This may sound fake, but this is the fact that it can’t be believed.

  • Get Lucrative Salary

According to global salary surveys, it is recorded that on an average salary of $131,030 per year. The salary scale depends mostly on the size of any company, but it is ensured that the salary per annum may not fall below the average salary. In fact, you will also get better positions and faster promotions.

  • Outshine Your peers

With so many skills and deep knowledge of Cybersecurity and by achieving the CISSP certification. You will increase your chances of getting selected in an interview. You will always outshine your non-CISSP certified peers. Whether you work in any organization or you tend to apply for a job. You will always successfully outshine your peers and possible competitors.

  • Get in-depth knowledge

The course of CISSP Certification is very vast and enormous. So, here you will be able to learn every single thing about IT, Cybersecurity, and other related fields. So ultimately, by achieving this Certification you will indeed gain in-depth knowledge of IT and Cybersecurity fields.

  • Redefine Your Skillsets

Last but not least, by achieving the CISSP certification, you’ll increase your skillsets. This is the main reason why most of Cyber Security Professionals choose this Certification.

Now, as we have discussed the advantages, now, let’s dig deep into the CISSP exam in detail.

  • Perquisites of CISSP Exam

The CISSP exam is crafted according to the global standards of (ISC)² Association. Let’s discuss the requirements to apply for the CISSP certification exam.

Eligibility Criteria for CISSP certification exam

In order to apply for the CISSP certification exam, You may need to fulfill some of the required eligibility criteria.

  • Firstly, the candidates must have five years of full time, paid working experience in the cybersecurity field in any 2 domains out of 8 domains of Cybersecurity.
  • Then if the candidates have a 4 years degree then, they will get a relaxation of 1 year of experience.
  • In case the candidates may not possess a 4 years degree, then they can achieve associate level (ISC)² cybersecurity certification. And finally, after achieving the associate level certification, they can work for the required years to gain the work experience, and after that, they can easily apply for the CISSP Certification exam.


So, these were the perquisites of the CISSP certification exam. It is very important for you to stay extremely determined and focused on achieving this Certification. Indeed, the CISSP exam is not easy, but it is not impossible either. So, you just have to stay patient and keep working hard for this Certification.


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