What To Look For When Choosing High Quality Furniture

  1. The Legs Are A Very Crucial Part in Furniture

Regardless of how great a sofa looks, if the legs are not strong it will turn out to be a waste of your money. As such, make sure that you inspect the legs with care.

Avoid legs made out of plastic since they are usually not stable enough to support the weight of the sofa especially when people are sitting on it. Also, try not to go with metal legs as they can damage the surface of your floor. In any case, they don’t look as good either.

Essentially, legs constructed from heavy wood should be jointed to the sofa’s frame and not glued or nailed. If you can have an additional leg in the center, it could be a good thing for extra support.

  1. Be Aware of the 3 Categories of Furniture Wood

Solid wood: The downside to it is that it’s the most expensive among these types but it is the most appealing when aesthetics are concerned.

Veneers: They are made with high-quality wood on the exterior layers but with lower quality at the core. This makes it more cost-friendly as compared to solid wood.

Particleboard/Composite wood: This wood is made by composing wood pulp with resin and plastic. It looks good and smooth but it is not as durable as solid wood.

  1. Check Drawers and Cabinets

A drawer with a dysfunction of some kind can be annoying each time you open or shut the drawer. To make sure they open and shut with ease, try to test the drawers and cabinets by opening and closing them several times. Also, inspect the handles just to make sure they stay strong.

  1. Avoid Nails and Glue

High-quality furniture rarely has any glue or nails. All the leading furniture brands connect the corners and ends together. You don’t have to buy highly-priced furniture just so you can be sure they’re of high quality. SImply analyze the quality of corners and your new furniture should serve you well no matter the price.

  1. Check If There Are Springs Inside The Core

Remove the cushioning and analyze how the furniture reacts to being pressed down. If it presses back up to place, it means that it probably has coils inside, a strong indication that it is a piece of well-made furniture.

  1. Consider the Cushioning

It goes without saying that firm cushions last a lot longer. However, you might want to ensure that the covers are removable cover so you can easily wash stains or spills off the covers.

  1. Use a Neutral Color

If the sky blue armchair in the store near you piqued your interest, try not to make a hasty buying decision. Most people fall out of love with bold colorful furniture after a while especially those who tend to change their looks from time to time. Take a look at The Citizenry and  choose a neutral color so you can appreciate it for longer.