Chatbot Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

The chatbot is playing an essential role in customer care supporters. To astute the purpose of chatbots, AI is a breakthrough innovation for the sales department. To make a person to person interaction, the chatbot is highly required. Bots assist in collecting user information and deliver them to the sales department. The chatbot is basically software, that facilitates the purposes of communicating with users.

Nowadays, some modern and advanced technology has made it easier to communicate with users using Machine learning language and Natural Language. Now about 195 countries are using this effective methodology of Chatbot. And the users can not understand that the recipient is not a human, and users are responded automatically from the sales department. It flawlessly completes the communicating process with more than 90% of people.

What do you mean by Sales Funnel?

It works as seamless guidance for the purchasers. Its working starts while a leading organization achieves the landing page, and finishes while the lead turns to the point of purchasing. The sales funnel works in 4 segments, they are – consciousness, showing interest, judgment, and taking steps.

The segments can be easily covered by theoretically. But the entire process is a little bit complex. From interacting with the audience to get action from them looks like a funnel, so the name is such. This is not too easy to implement successfully. But most of the organizations are now taking the assistance of Artificial Intelligences, to make the process easier.

Let’s get a concise idea about the segments of chatbot sales funnel.

  • Consciousness

Consciousness plays the basic role of business, which takes the first step to lead the service. After getting the first response from the client, the funnel starts work. Client interaction can be done from social media also, like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or from advertisements of television. So the awareness or consciousness just builds the mutual relationship between clients and service supporters. Let’s engage people in your business by the chatbot.

  • Showing Interest

This is the next step of the funnel. To proceed with this step, the chatbot should give answers to some frequently asked questions, and some extra information about the product. Somehow in absence of the bot, the lead will add a live supporter for the continuation. The bot eases the process, the automatic communication by bot saves the time of customer cares, and deliver fast answers. A small delay can affect highly to purchase the product, so the bot is efficient.

  • Judgment

This step involves some action after confirming the purchase of the product. In addition, the bot provides some additional data and relevant ads related to previous conversations. But human interaction takes more time to complete the same action. So organizations are going to use Artificial Intelligences to save money and time.

  • Taking steps

The final step arrives when the product is delivered to the customer. A live customer executive takes part in this stage for the promotion of their business, but presently bots can finish this step also.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning eases the process of selling, and they complete the process insightfully, also the process is quick.