7 Important Car Suspension Parts


When it comes to car parts, there is nothing more important than keeping them in a good shape. If they’re not working properly, the suspension can’t do its job, and that can cause many issues like vibrations, poor handling that can lead to loss of control.

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These car suspension parts help to make turns smoothly, and it absorbs all the shock when you drive over speed breakers.

Nowadays, many parts are made up to be the suspension system of the vehicle. In this blog, we will see the most important truck suspension parts and its functions. It is important to remember that, if any of these parts fail, it can create driving, safety, and comfort issues.

1. Springs

Springs are made up of coil and help to absorb the impact when you drive over bumps or holes in the road. Nowadays, manufacturers use metal rods instead of coil springs. In most of the vehicles, there are spring that bend when the car steps on a speed breaker. It is the reason why we do not feel much impact.

2. Wheels or the tires

The wheels and the tires are the outer parts of the car suspension system. The tires are the most important because they are the only part that touches the ground when the vehicle moves. Tires have a high impact when the vehicle bumps on a speed breaker. Additionally, the braking, corning, and accelerating also has a huge impact on the tire.

So, it becomes really important to regularly get your tires checked because it affects the smoothness of the driving.

3. Rods and Linkages

There are many rods which link two or more suspension parts together. These rods are metal linkages that are long-lasting and last for a lifetime, depending on the lifespan of the vehicle. These rods might fail only if you get into a major accident, and it suffers damage.

4. Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers go hand in hand with the springs. These absorbers help to reduce the impact of bumps. The shock absorbers support the spring in reducing the speed of the vehicles when it passes a speed breaker.

Shock absorbers save the vehicle from crazy up and down bouncing after driving over a bump. This car suspension part contains a thick oil that helps in the smooth functioning of the vehicle. If it leaks out, it can cause problems in the other truck suspension parts too. So, it becomes important to get these parts checked regularly.

5. Steering System

Even though the steering system is not the direct part of the suspension system, but these two parts go hand in hand when the vehicle moves and makes a turn. The linkages, tie rods, wheels, joints, are all controlled by the steering wheel.

6. Joints, Bearings, and Bushings

The Joints, bearing, and bushings are what that keep the linkages connected. These parts also help in taking actions like sliding and twisting.

Since the suspension bushing are made of rubber, they can wear out quickly. The joints can loosen up sometimes.

Hint: if you ever face any problem with your car suspension parts, first get the joints, bearings, and bushings checked.

7. Frame

The frame is like the skeleton of the human body. It is the framework which carries the weight of the entire vehicle. It is the biggest component of the truck suspension parts. Even though it supports the body and engine of the car, other components are important too.

Since suspension parts are the most important parts of the vehicle and help in the smooth functioning of the car, these parts can also be prone to wear and tear. If not taken good care, these suspension parts are also prone to failure.

The car suspension parts that are prone to failure are Wheels and tires, Springs, Shock absorbers, Linkages, Bushing, Bearings, Joints, and Steering system.

Car suspension is an essential part of the car that helps in the smooth running of the vehicle; it is important to get these parts checked and replaced if needed. Since these play a very vital role, you need to choose the best brand for your suspension parts. It is always recommended to do proper research before choosing the brand for buying your truck suspension parts.