Car Interior: Monthly and Weekly Car Maintenance Tips


Performing regular and thorough maintenance of your car’s interior is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Routine car maintenance is beneficial for a variety of reasons. First, we tend to spend a large amount of time in our cars, so it stands to reason that keeping the environment nice and clean makes complete sense. Second, our cars can actually be a reflection of ourselves and our personalities.

To keep your car clean, you should invest in car cleaning tools and solutions like a backpack HEPA vacuum. Not to mention what could be more pleasing to a passenger than a great smelling, clean car in which to ride in?

And thirdly there’s the financial aspect to consider, used cars in sacramento that’s well-maintained both inside and out will sell quickly at a considerably higher price.

Here are a few things you can do on a monthly or weekly basis that will ensure your car’s interior stays looking and smelling showroom-new for as long as possible.


Monthly Maintenance Tips

Clean the Windows

Using clean, lint-free paper towels and a non-ammonia based glass cleaner, you can easily remove grimy film and dirt that can build up in the inside of your windows. Dirt and streaks are not only unsightly but can be dangerous as well, particularly while driving at night.

After the windows have dried, use a crumpled piece of newspaper to polish and remove any traces of dust or lint.

Get Rid Of Accumulated Dirt

Before cleaning the carpet, you’ll want to make sure you vacuum thoroughly and without missing crevices and cracks that dirt tends to accumulate in. Be sure to use a backpack commercial HEPA vacuum for lead paint to avoid scratching your car’s interior.

A plastic crevice tool can also be useful for reaching under seats and into tight seams. Round dust brushes are excellent for cleaning dirt from dashboards and consoles. There are also interior detailing brushes that are small enough to reach into the nooks and crannies of the heater and air conditioning vents. This helps the system stay cleaner, run more efficiently, and keeps the air in your car smelling fresher and healthier.

Make Your Carpet and Upholstery Stain Free

Clean the carpets and upholstery with a product that has stain-protection to lessen or eliminate the chance of future staining. Even without some sort of stain-guard, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to clean most fabrics with a simple, mild detergent.

You should pick up a soft detergent that does not comprise of bleach or discolor upholstery or fabric. Also, you should always do a test in an inconspicuous area, just in case. A reliable cleaner, Atrix HEPA backpack vacuum,along with a scrub brush designed for upholstery, can be all it takes to have your carpet looking like it did the day you bought the car.

Clean the Dashboard

The dashboard and console areas are the most seen areas of our car, so we want to make sure to give these areas a little extra attention. The dashboard is also prone to cracking and fading from sun damage, which is another reason that regular treatments are necessary.

A vinyl cleaner or protectant should be dispensed onto a soft sponge or cloth instead of onto the actual surface itself. After thoroughly applying the product, wait the allotted time to allow it to soak in a bit before buffing dry with a clean microfiber cloth. And today, there are even products available that actually reduce the effects of UV rays on your car’s interior by containing a type of sunscreen protectant.

Clean Leather upholstery

Dirt and oil are the two worst culprits of leather upholstery and can cause it to show signs of premature wear. Unlike your car’s fabric or carpets, leather must be carefully cleaned one section at a time. Dark leather can be cleaned two or three times per year with cordless HEPA backpack vacuum,while lighter shades may need to be done more often.

Clean Car Seats

Car seats are usually the last thing anyone would think about when doing your monthly car maintenance unless it’s noticeably dirty. But including it in your monthly car maintenance checklist can help keep your car seat spick and span for a long time. If you want to keep your car seat clean and gleaming for a long period, it is best to use perfectly fitting car seat covers. Doing so can protect car seats so you do not have to grapple with cleaning stubborn stains.

Weekly touch-up

 Clear the Dust with Micro-fiber

Purchase a small micro-fiber detailing towel that is perfect for wiping away dust from your dashboard, vinyl, and leather surfaces. You may be surprised at the amount of dust that can accumulate at in just one week’s time. A micro-fiber towel will not leave lint or residue behind for a shiny, clean finish.

  Clean the Mats And Get Rid Piled Up Garbage

Take out all of the floor mats and shake them thoroughly to make sure any debris or dirt is removed before replacing them. Remove any garbage that has piled up during the week, which is in the bag that you have for the purpose of keeping trash all in one place, of course.

  Clean Windows with Microfiber Cloth

Wipe down the interior glass with a clean, damp microfiber towel, which again, won’t leave behind lint and dust. If the windows are mostly still clean, provided you don’t allow smoking in the car, you more than likely won’t need to use a glass cleaner. Don’t forget to wipe the rear view mirror and vanity mirrors as well.