Facing a Trouble? Here’s Canon Mg2520 Troubleshoot

Canon mg2520 troubleshooting

With the world moving at a great pace in the technological field, printers have become an inevitable part of one’s work. We require them for scanning, printing, copying and much more! When talking about printers, one cannot miss the ‘stand out from the rest of the pack’ and the renowned name – Canon mg2520. Being the most acquainted among all, it becomes necessary to know Canon mg2520 troubleshooting.

As it is a mechanical device, it is obvious to face some technical issues. However, some of them can be petty and are explicable and solvable by one’s own self! You must first understand and analyze the issue and then work on the solution i.e., canon printers troubleshoot. Canon mg2520 troubleshooting can be easier than it seems at times. If canon printers troubleshoot is what you were looking for then here you are.

Below are a list of problems your canon printer might face and canon printers troubleshoot to those:

Canon mg2520 troubleshooting – “slow running printer”

This is one of the most faced issues for the user. This happens when you’re setting up to print high-quality outputs. However, solving it can be as simple as

  • Reducing the print quality.
  • Changing the settings to draft mode.

Canon mg2520 troubleshooting –“Faded prints”

The top reasons why you get poor print quality are because of a clogged print head/dried ink. One can clear the dry ink by using the printer’s utility program. You can then make a test print on a page to check if the problem is solved!

Canon mg2520 troubleshooting – “Printer doesn’t print”

Your un-deleted print jobs can be the creator of this problem. Cut them off and try printing your next print again. However, firstly it’s better to check if the power cord is properly plugged in and turned on. Also, you must always check if the ink cartridges are not empty and have a proper ink level. Sometimes, it’s just the minute things that can set your canon mg2520 printer right.

Canon mg2520 troubleshooting – “Paper Jam”

When your paper is jammed, you get a pop-up message in the Printer Status Window. Try not to turn off your printer in case of paper jam, as it may result in loss of data that is being printed. Gently remove the jammed paper in the most comfortable direction and then make sure to remove the pieces of the paper from the printer if stuck.

Canon mg2520 troubleshooting – “Printer stops in between”

There is a chance, though low that your printer may stop printing in the middle. A few of the reasons can be:

  • Because of printing graphic heavy-materials or files.
  • Excessive use of printers for a continuous period due to which some parts may become overheated.

You can try giving your printer rest for about 15 minutes or more and try printing again. If still to no avail, then you may need to contact the technicians.

Canon mg2520 troubleshooting – “Problem with ink cartridge”

This error causes an orange light to blink on your machine about 5 times. This can be caused because of

  • the print head not being installed
  • the print head being installed incorrectly
  • Unsupported type of cartridge installed.

In such cases, the cartridge either needs to be arranged in a proper manner or needs replacement.

Canon mg2520 troubleshooting – “No recognition to printer”

You can face times when your printer stops recognizing your PC or that your PC stops recognizing your printer. At such a moment, you must quickly start restarting your PC and clear the problem.

If your problems do not fall in the above category, but still looks like minor the following are some easy and common canon printers troubleshoot you can go with:

  • Check that no paper, even a tiny piece, is stuck in the paper tray.
  • Check the plugs and wires are properly connected to your PC and your printer.
  • Try restarting your PC.
  • Try restarting the canon printer.
  • Re-install canon printer software.

It will also be suggested that after a Canon printer troubleshooting, make sure that you first test print on a rough paper and then continue with the main work if things work.

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