7 Best Business Card Scanner Apps In 2020


Business cards are the first impression of your business and contact information of it. Gone are the days when we used to market the business with references and influences. Now we have business cards, which are a handy tool to share your contact details. But physical forms of business cards may easily get lost or misplaced. With the business card scanner apps, you can digitize your cards easily.

Moreover, these apps are the quickest way to share your contact numbers after every promising meeting. Such digitized documents never get lost and are very handy.

We have tested different business card scanner apps and bring the best seven business card scanners that can quickly scan your cards.

Best 7 Business Card Scanner Apps For Your Devices

A curetted list of top business card scanner apps will help you identify the high-performing apps that accurately scan business cards. Let’s see all seven apps and know about its features and functionalities.



FlashScan is the fastest document scanner app. It generates clear and sharp scans in no time.

● Every type of paper, photos, books, etc. is scan-able with this app.
● It scans business cards sharply and quickly.
● The OCR of this business card scanner is a profound tool. It extracts any text from the image and saves it as plain text. You can easily share or re-scan for better conversion.
● OCR also translates scanned text from English to other languages.
● It offers professional filters to enhance your scanned results.
● Users can scan QR codes and Barcodes with FlashScan.
● Users can easily share, delete, save, and rename any file and folders.
● With the pro version, you can also access the ad-free and watermark-free scans.

 ScanBizCards Lite

Okay, the name suggests everything. It is one of the best business card scanner apps that offer varied functionalities.

● Specially designed app for events. Users can scan traditional business cards with high-quality results.
● It also offers conference badges with a paid plan.
● The CRM integration enables you to add new leads in your system seamlessly.
● Easy-to-use app with a straightforward interface.

 Adobe Scan

It is the most popular name when it comes to scanning and document management. You can use this one of the best scanner apps to turn any scannable document into the Adobe PDF forms.

● With this simple scanner app, you can scan books, documents, money receipts, and so on.
● It scans business cards accurately. It is an easy and reliable PDF scanner app.
● It also offers an easy sharing option.
● The editing option assists you to improve the quality of the scans.
● User-friendly app with varied features.
● The built-in optical character recognition (OCR) system works to intensify the file’s graphics and quality.

 ABBYY Business Card Reader

An exclusive business card reader app that is a top-pick for professional scans. You can get accurate scans just a tap away with this document scanner app.

● The quickest and most accurate app for business card reading.
● It saves all your new contacts into your address book.
● It quickly splits out names and locations and saves the card.
● You can use the Zoomed-in view for better text recognition.

 Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner turns your device into a little portable scanner with its easy and quick scans.
● A simple app that scans all types of documents.
● Users can scan business cards, photos, reports, etc with pleasant results.
● Scans papers in different colors, black and white, and also keeps the graphics scale.
● Best scanner app for the monochrome text that suggests up to 5 levels of contrast.


CamCard is next in our list of best scanner apps that scan business cards accurately.

● You can scan business cards easily with this app.
● Anytime you update your eCard, your new contact info will be shared with everyone you’ve shared your card with in the past.
● batch scan multiple cards available.
● You can manually add contacts in the address book.

Wantedly People

A simple business card scanner app that is too good to be true. With just a few taps you can scan business cards.

● It picks the text from the blurriest, photocopied business cards, and scans it.
● It imports all the cards directly, users just need to tap the camera button.
● Best free scanner app that offers an easy scanning process.


Business card scanner apps provide the quickest and simplest way to digitize your business cards. With the help of these best scanner apps, you can anytime digitize your business cards.