Best Ways of Non-Surgical Spot Fat Reduction for Double Chin

double chin removal

For a woman, contoured and smooth neck and chin symbolize ageless and classic beauty whereas a chiseled jaw line is a mark of man’s strength. However, the presence of excess fat in these areas, commonly known as a double chin, ruins the profile completely and makes a person more aged or overweight than s/he may be. It is possible that a person is not obese but still suffering from a double chin. Medically known as sub mental fat, a double chin removal is easy with non-surgical measures. Before uncovering non-surgical ways of double chin reduction, let’s take a quick look at what are the main causes of a double chin.

Main Causes of Double Chin

Age – Age is the leading cause of double chin. As a person ages, fat accumulation takes place over the chin and neck area due to a slower metabolism rate. The second reason is with increasing age, a person experiences loss of collagen. The loss of collagen makes the skin loose under the neck and chin, thereby resulting in permanent double chin.

Genetics – Genetic factors are the second most common cause. Many people, since childhood, have a double chin due to family history.

Diet and Lifestyle – Eating high-fat and calorie diet coupled with a sedentary lifestyle is another case of accumulation of fat over the chin area. Another factor like sun-bathing or sun-tanning results in loss of collagen and skin thinning and this eventually leads to loosing skin under the chin and neck.

Non-surgical Treatments of Double Chin Removal

CoolSculpting – Cool Sculpting is an effective non-surgical way to get rid of the body fat without using any anesthesia and needles. Also known as CoolMini, the method uses fat-freezing technology for targeting the problem areasThe fat cells are frozen, destroyed and removed via the body’s natural elimination process. It is a FDA Approved technology used for freezing the stubborn fat around various parts of the body like upper arms, belly, thighs including chin.The procedure lasts for maximum 45 minutes and has no downtime.

Kybella Injections – Kybella is one of the Food and Drug Administration injections used for double chins treatment. When the injections are injected into the chin area, the active ingredient i.e. deoxycholic acid results in breaking down fat cells underneath the chin and destroy them permanently. Applied with the help of small needles, a patient requires 4-6 sittings to get the desired results.

Ultherapy – Also known as Ulthera, it is another successful procedure of double chin reduction. The method uses ultrasound energy for stimulating the production of new collagen and skin lifting as well as tightening. Used widely in different countries, Ultherapy has a high success rate of 95%.

Chin filler augmentation, thread lift reduction of under chin, botox under chin tightening are some other non-surgical ways to get rid of double chin. However, not all ways are effective for all. Thus, it is necessary to plan a visit to an experienced surgeon and check which method would give viable results in your case.

Can Healthy Diet and Rigorous Exercise Melt Away Chin Fat?

There is no scientific evidence that proves that eating a healthy diet and performing some exercises may prove as an effective double chin treatment. It is because when a person tries to reduce the weight of the body with the help of exercise and diet, the weight loss takes place from the entire body. It is hard to target any one particular area like chin, thighs, etc., for spot reducing” fat with this technique. Losing weight will help in reducing sub mental fat to a certain extent, but it takes ample length of time and may show unsatisfactory results.

Some of the exercises that help in strengthening as well as toning the muscles and skin of the double chin area are:

  • Tongue Stretch – Look straight ahead and bring your tongue out and stretch it upward in such a manner that it touches your nose. Hold the tongue for 10 seconds in the same position and release it.
  • Ball Exercise – Place a 9-10 inch ball under the chin area. Press the chin down against the ball and try to repeat it 25 times daily.
  • Neck Stretch – Tilt your head in a backward position and look at the ceiling. Try to press the tongue against the roof of the mouth and hold if for 5-10 seconds before releasing it.

If you are aiming at double chin treatment with a healthy diet, follow these guidelines:

  • Eat four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruits daily.
  • Avoid processed foods and replace refined with whole grains.
  • Say yes to lean proteins like fish and poultry.
  • Avoid fried food and items high on sugar content.
  • Eat healthy fat items like olive oil, nuts, etc.

To conclude, double chin reduction is possible by adopting non-surgical ways. However, the amount of fat needs to remove, medical history and age of a person are few factors that need to consider for devising the right treatment plan and number of sessions required for getting the desired result.

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