Best Kennel Software 2021


Kennel software is a program for pet care administration that enables pet boarding kennels, pet daycare centers, and pet grooming and training facilities to monitor pet health and activities and organize appointments, maintain food inventories, and collect payments from customers other things. In addition, it has tools for marketing, managing appointments, and storing documents.


Making customer and client communications simpler, Kennel software also provides more effective appointment scheduling such as booking and reserving. In addition, the software automates numerous tasks and daily routines, allowing kennel owners to devote more time to what matters: caring for their customers’ pets!

Kennel software has the features:

Dog kennel software includes functions such as online reservations and booking for guests. It’s so convenient for pet parents and guardians to be able to reserve kennel spaces online.


Improve the efficiency of your kennel with KennelBooker management software. From pet grooming software and reminders to customer engagement and appointment scheduling software, KennelBooker has it all. KennelBooker employs less than 25 people and makes less than $5 million annually in terms of staff count and revenue.

Pets of the Revelation:

Visit Revelation Pets for the best kennel software. You can avoid duplicate reservations by using the calendar software provided by Revelation Pets. The business size ranges from 2 to 10 workers, and it generates $5 million in annual sales.


Gingr is your best option for kennel management software you can trust. To keep your consumers interested and informed, Gingr will provide you with appointment reminder software. Gingr employs 2 to 10 people and generates an estimated $3.2 million in yearly sales.


You’ll find the kennel software you need at 123 Pet Software. By using tools from 123 Pet Software, your company will flourish. These tools include online reputation management software and text marketing software. DaySmart Software, Inc., the parent business of 123 Pet Software, has between 201 and 500 workers and generates $20 million in annual sales.


When it comes to software solutions for the pet business, no one beats ProPet. If you’re looking for kennel software and accounting software or doggy daycare solutions and retail software, ProPet has got you covered. ProPet employs 11-50 people and generates an estimated $1.6 million in sales each year.


In addition to check-ins and report cards, DoggieDashboard offers strong, easy-to-use software features, including invoicing and kennel booking software. Company size at DoggieDashboard is fewer than 25 people, and revenue is less than $5 million annually.


Your kennel will be more productive and efficient when you use PetLinx’s boarding, scheduling, and reservation software. PetLinx employs less than 25 people and earns less than $5 million in sales annually.

Dog Kennel:

Kennel Connection offers everything from free kennel software to IT solutions, pet grooming software, to boarding software. Kennel Connection employs 11 to 50 people and generates an estimated $900,000 in sales each year.


PetExec provides kennel and pet software solutions to assist pet professionals to handle their specific problems. It is estimated that PetExec has less than 25 workers and produces annual revenues of $62.9 million.


Kennel software may help you better care for your customers’ beloved dogs, so get started using it right now! With kennel software, you can make your life simpler, alleviate pet owners’ concerns, and provide much superior care for animals.

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