What are the Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins?


With the passing of time, as we all become a part of this modern age, sources of earning are increasing in number at a high rate. Affiliate marketing is one such industry that has gathered enormous popularity in recent years. Blogs are being written by a huge number of content creators around the world, and most of them depend on Amazon Affiliate for their income.

If you are the owner of such a blog and at the same time, a businessman, it is your responsibility that the visitors of your website, eventually turn into your customers. This is where WordPress comes in. WordPress is a platform that comes with a large number of plugins, which in turn make your website an attractive one. Thus spending money on WordPress development services can prove beneficial for you, as it will make sure that you don’t miss out on sales.

2019, in general, was a very profitable year for eCommerce, as a whole. It was, however, a bad year for Amazon, because it dropped a bit in market shares. This was partially due to the rise of other popular eCommerce companies like Walmart. According to reports, Amazon could only claim around 38% of its entire eCommerce revenue, in comparison to 47% the previous year.

Even after this minor hiccup, Amazon is still a powerful eCommerce website and if you are planning to earn money from WordPress, Amazon Affiliate is definitely the option you should go for. This excellent combination of Amazon Affiliate and WordPress will make sure that you can build a successful business. This particular blog focuses mainly on which are the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins that you can choose from, to achieve the outcome that you desire.

However, before getting to know in detail about the best available plugins, it is important to know about why are these plugins needed and what purpose do they fulfil.

Why do You Need Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins?

The term itself, ‘Amazon Affiliate plugins’ is a very dynamic one and a lot of features come under its huge umbrella. The main purpose is basically to help you add Amazon Affiliate links to a particular WordPress site. This also subtracts the need to visit Amazon.com from the whole process.

Another vital purpose of these plugins is to make use of Amazon Product Advertising API. This is so important because Amazon Associates is immensely strict about their rules. They check very minutely if the information of products is inaccurate in some manner, or if the price quoted for a certain product is not correct.

For instance, if you are manually entering a certain price of a product that you are trying to promote, then in the future the actual price might change in the future as in Amazon, price change is quite normal. In this case, you would be promoting the product at the wrong price, which again is against the rules.

This is the reason why in situations like these using the best APIs and plugins will make sure that your prices are updated constantly and you are displaying the correct pricing information.

Apart from solving this critical issue, some plugins will also help you in many other ways, few of which are the creation of comparison boxes and tables, Geolocating your affiliate links and syncing your Amazon products with a certain WooCommerce store.

Now let us delve into the topic of what Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins are best for you.

Top Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins You Can Choose From


This is undeniably the most popular plugins out of the ones in the list. Short form of Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin is considered as one of the best option overall for Amazon affiliates. The biggest reason for this is the huge variety of features it comes with, that helps in effective promotions of Amazon products.

With this plugin, you are not limited to a single form, as far as inserting affiliate links go. The three most used forms of entering links are:

  • Text affiliate links.
  • Data Fields, which allows you to enter the latest information via an API. For example, the updated price of a product.
  • Product boxes, which can consist of one or more products for sale. In addition, other information can also be added, like descriptions, prices, titles, discounts and CTAs.

AAWP is currently available at a price of 39 euros for a single website.


This is another very popular plugin, which follows almost the same principles as AAWP does. The most notable similarity is the fact that even by using AzonPress, you can insert text affiliate links. The product displays, however, are much more detailed in comparison.

An important feature of this plugin is the fact that it comes with in-built tools, which allows you to compare products. In addition to traditional product tables, comparison tables can also be created using this plugin.

AzonPress also comes with a ‘best pick’ feature, that customers can be added to a comparison table. This will benefit you, it will bring traffic towards the best available product. Overall, AzonPress is popular mainly because of the in-built template designs, which can provide a boost to the number of people viewing your website.

The price of this plugin for a single site begins at 39 euros.


WZone, which is also popular by the name WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates, is also immensely popular like the last two. The biggest feature of this plugin is its ability to connect a WooCommerce-based store to Amazon.

There are essentially two main ways in which this plugin can help you make money and those are:

  1. It lets you sync your Amazon products as WooCommerce products. It lets you do so by helping you create a pseudo drop shipping arrangement. After this, whenever a potential customer tries to add a particular item to their cart, they will automatically be redirected to Amazon. This will help you to insert an affiliate tracking cookie.
  2. WZone also comes with an actual drop shipping arrangement, using which buyers will actually buy products from your website. Immediately after that, you can order that same product by yourself, to fulfil the order. Even though it will require a lot of manual effort on your part, but on the bright side, it will help you get full control over your margins and not depend on Amazon Associates commission.

WZone comes with a price tag of 49 dollars. This version comes with standard Envato licensing, which includes 6month of support and lifetime updates for a single user.


Affiliate marketing is definitely an excellent way of monetizing your website. You can earn money by marketing both your products and someone else’s as well. Implementing it is not very difficult as well, all you need to do is choose an affiliate program and then finalize specific product lines. The next step is where you may need to hire WordPress developers, as they would be able to make proper use of Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins and streamline the functioning of your website.

It is important to understand that all three plugins talked about in this blog, as something unique to offer. They come with similar features like the addition of text links and creation of comparison tables and boxes but also comprise of exclusive features. The ultimate choice depends on the requirements that your business has.