Do you love junk foods or fast foods and spices? It is a fact that men prefer spicy foods and junk foods over healthy and nutritious food which provides protein and other vital essentials required by the body to maintain good health. Men are more likely to spend their lives outside their house more than inside because of work, studies, and other activities like playing and hanging out with friends. So, this indicates that they get involved in bad food habits which can be found on the roadside like fast foods just for the taste and sake of hunger. Who likes home-cooked food? Nobody, right! None of us like home-cooked food and spend too much on fast foods but this has a reverse reaction on our health and body.


Liking fast food is something normal and everyone is fond of foods like these irrespective of their gender, but as for men they are much more exposed to other kinds of irregularities in life and if they include bad eating on a regular basis it may become disastrous for them. It also causes many illnesses while you enjoy the taste of the food which is loaded with different types of spices.

1> The first drawback of fast foods and junk foods can be like they are never cooked in a proper way which relates to proper hygiene. The raw food materials may not be washed properly and may not be cooked in fresh oil. Many restaurants use the used oil again and again to prepare all kinds of foods. Sometimes, you may have encountered some blood marks while eating in restaurants or some fast-food centers on the bone or the flesh. This is very bad for health often causing some unwanted and unavoidable health conditions. The food also has more quantity of oil in it which again is not good for the digestive system and may cause some digestive dysfunction in the future.

2> Spicy foods or excess spices in your food can also cause stomach illnesses. For men it can cause gastrointestinal illness, it irritates the stomach lining which can cause stomach illness, gastritis, and other intestinal diseases. However, eating anything in a limit is always good.

3> Bad food choices that do not include protein and other essentials like vitamins and minerals have a great disadvantage on your life. Men are found with several illnesses like heart diseases, increased cholesterol due to excess eating of oily foods or foods cooked in used oil which is also the reason that causes obesity and increases fat in your body. Bad food habits and lack of protein in your body may cause ED disorders just because the food you eat fails to provide you the adequate nutrition to keep up the health in a proper condition causing such unwanted illness.

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Home-cooked food has a lot of advantages over other foods which you can easily get outside and which are bad for your health. As we have stated above in this article the drawbacks of bad food habits or spices and fast foods. Spices are somewhat necessary to be added to the food to add taste to it but should be limited. Even though you do not like home-cooked food or prefer foods from restaurants and other places, you can never deny the fact that home-cooked food helps you to stay fit and healthy and reduces the chances of falling ill and also fall into some kind of lifelong disease it also provides protein to the body which is very important for our body and is also called the body-building food.

1> The first benefit is that home-cooked food always has fresh oil and sometimes you can also cook the same food by some other process in your house which will provide you with some good food but less oil. While preparing the food you also make sure that the food items like raw vegetables, fruits, meat, and other things are washed and cleaned before cooking, and consuming them raw will sometimes provide you extra protein because cooking for a longer time also kills the hidden essentials in them.

2> The food prepared in your house is far better than food outside because it is never undercooked. You prepare the food; will you not cook your food properly? No, you always make sure it is cooked properly. Home vegetables and other eatables are boiled thoroughly so that the germs and other chemicals like pesticides that stick to them are removed.

3> In your house while cooking food you can always add spices as per the requirement of the taste and make sure that the spices have not exceeded their limit or else what you are eating will not be useful enough. It will not let the protein and other essentials in the food stimulate your body because an excess of it causes stomach illnesses.


It is nowhere written or stated that while eating healthy food in your house you can never add some spices to it to enhance the taste. No one in this world likes to eat boiled and tasteless food except people who are very much conscious about their health and are into bodybuilding. But adding protein to your diet even if you are not into body-building is very much essential.

You have to balance the spices with protein in your food. It is so essential because protein will make sure you stay fit and grow and build up muscles. Spices are just needed to add taste to the food and should be added in limited quantity. You can always make better use of the internet and learn how to cook tasty foods by taking protein-rich foods like eggs, meat, milk, and vegetables, etc. with limited spices which are required to enhance the taste while leaving other spices that cause irregularities. You can also watch on YouTube, read articles on balancing home diet, and many more.