All about Medicare advantage plans


Your presence on this website, reading this article indicates that you are conflicted if you should go with a Medicare advantage plan or any other kind of original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans offer a set of advantages that may look attractive to a bunch of folks. However, at the same time, there are several downsides of these kind of plans as well.

To opt for a path that is best suited to your circumstances, certain facets of the situation ought to be analyzed. And we shall be assisting you with that!

What services will your advantage plan provide you with?

First of all, we will outline all the decent services you can get by getting yourself enrolled in a Medicare advantage plan.

The range of procedures you can avail is more.

That’s right. You will manage to look into plenty more opportunities when you go for such plan than any other kind of project. Usually, the original Medicare won’t ensure coverage of your dentist visits. Similarly, if you are audio impaired, you would have to manage the costs of hearing aids yourself. Optics, fitness, and routine check-ups are more areas where going for a specific Medicare Advantage will come in handy.


The handiest feature such plans can offer is getting a limited out of the pocket expense. If you exceed that limit, you don’t need to pay for more medical procedures that you have undergone for the rest of the year. You do not get this kind of protocol with any other kind of Medicare plan, so your expenses have the potential to spiral out of control.

Try to enroll in as many Medicare advantage plans as possible to get your hands on the advantages of copayments. By doing so, you will minimize the amount that needs to be paid for your hospital visits.

The premium varies from insurer to insurer, so primarily, you would need to exhibit vigilance in that area.


The place where you are residing will have quite several functional health care providers. The good thing is that these advantage plans work in coordination with these health care providers. The advantages that accompany that will give you range from requiring less research to minimize the chances of hidden expenses. It doesn’t only serve as a straightforward way to organize your medical journey but also help you with financial management.

Everything in one place

With original Medicare plans, you may or may not have to enroll in several to keep yourself covered. And managing something like that can be not easy. Though, the advantage plans allow you to avail all the opportunities to save your bucks on your medical bills. Such plans don’t only bring every service offered by others under one roof but also provide additional services. These services can be, as mentioned above, audiovisual and dental care.

Since the plans vary from place to place, you can look up the list of Medicare advantage plans and pick what suits your fancy.

What disservices will accompany your plan?

There are also several drawbacks to these plans, outlined below.

Limited health care

The health care providers who are covered by your  plans could be specified and limited. Thus you will have fewer options laid out ahead of you. If you choose health care providers other than this selected network that falls under the plan you have signed up for, your total costs may get out of hand. This means that you will be taking care of many procedures by yourself.


The biggest drawback to such plan is that you should live in the provider’s vicinity for six months, at least. Thus if you travel or change homes, then you would have to deprive yourself of their services. They offer their services in a limited area only since they have access to only a short number of providers. All of those providers are concentrated regionally and not nationally. Thus you would have to face the issues related to your location. Once you move, you will be letting go of the services you were previously availing of and would have to look for new ones.


Since such plans have to keep an account that their services are not misused in any way, there are a lot of documentation procedures that you would have to go through. You would have to get authorization for any service that you will need from them. Moreover, you would be required to get approval from the medic who is treating you, before you proceed to ask for payment from the plan you have signed up for.