What Concerns Adoptive Parents face when parenting a Teen?


There are many social, psychological and physiological problems that teenagers face nowadays. These problems are the result of struggles that are occurring internally because many outer forces are creating them. But when your child is the one who you adopted then the concerns get really serious.

The Concerns of Adoptive Parents

According to adoption lawyers in Atlanta the child who is adopted goes through different changes; whether the teen is a girl or a boy. It has been observed that the boys are the ones who are the fussiest but the girls can adjust well to every type of situation.

  1. There is a lot of brain development going on during the teen years. If proper guidance is provided then this development becomes positive. The important part of the brain that is affected the most is the prefrontal cortex. This can disturb the reasoning, impulses, behavior and judgment.
  2. Majority of the teens have once in their childhood have experienced physical and psychological trauma. This can be in the form of abuse which can be damaging to the emotional and cognitive processing of the teen. This can affect the relationship between the teen and his/ her adoptive parents.
  3. Several of the teens already know who their real parents are and what is their background? But for those who are not aware of the reality makes it difficult for the teens to make a connection between the adoptive parents.
  4. Everyone wants to be independent in their lives and especially teens. Sometimes these teens can be very agitated when they are not given the freedom they want. During the days in their home; most of the teens had a really rough time with little independence. So when they are given independence; they can be afraid to make progress.
  5. There are two scenarios in this situation. The first scenario is that the teens don’t want any kind of communication with their birth families because they think that they have abandoned them. In the second, teens are eager to meet them as they are their real family.
  6. Teens can be very secretive and don’t want to share things with their parents; whether they are real or adoptive ones. The most difficult thing to talk about is adoption with a teen because he/ she may have a frustrating time in their own home or foster care which is according to any adoption lawyer like Tom Tebeau.
  7. The far most important concern for adoptive patens is when their adopted teen wants to go back to their birth parents. Many of the teens do go back because sometimes they don’t feel the connection between their adoptive parents.
  8. As discussed in the previous points that teens are not expressive in their feelings and emotions. This is especially when they are with their adoptive family. It becomes challenging for the parents to address their concerns as they don’t feel comfortable talking.
  9. Peer pressure and influence is very crucial in the lives of children and especially over the teens. They learn a lot from them; whether it is positive or negative. The adoptive parents are concerned about the effects the peer influence will have on the delicate mind of the teen.

Pieces of Advice for Adoptive Parents by adoption lawyers in Atlanta

There are many things that you can try to ease your worries about teens. You can consult adoption lawyers in Georgia to know how to manage the worries and reactions of the teens as well as yours.

  1. To keep their minds busy you can indulge them into healthy social, cultural and even physical activities. You can participate in the activities to spend more time with them.
  2. Teens don’t want to be controlled as a matter of fact they want to have a little control of their lives. So the adoptive parents have to give them freedom of choice to decide about their lives.
  3. Taking care doesn’t mean that you only have to provide them with money and things that they need. You have to give time to them. They are in dire need of attention and love.
  4. It is critical for the adoptive parents to know what situations and circumstances are the triggers of trauma in the teen. In this way, the parents will know what to do.
  5. Talking to them is the most important thing that you must do. But be careful that don’t push them to the point from where they can’t return.
  6. Other adopted teens that have had a good experience about adoption can be a great positive influence on your teen. Let your teen meet them and learn more about adoption.
  7. It is not a good thing to talk about the birth parents of the teen in a negative way as adoption lawyers in Atlanta would suggest. They can become aggressive or even can isolate themselves from both birth and adoptive parents. Whatever the matter is you have to portray a nice character of the birth parents.

If you are thinking of adopting a teen then you need to think on the above-mentioned concerns and act on the advice given by your adoption lawyer.