Activate WhatsApp dark mode on Android NOW


The company responsible for the most used messaging application on the planet has been working for some time to incorporate this possibility that has triggered its popularity since the arrival of OLED screens (and since the launch of Android 10 or iOS 13). Although it is not yet available to all users, we can activate the dark mode of WhatsApp on Android right now by following a few simple steps.

In the dark mode of WhatsApp we have already seen almost everything. We know that it will be an option within a new menu to choose theme, we know that it will completely change the appearance of the application and we know that it will have a special wallpaper. In addition, we also know that, in older terminals, it can be activated depending on the battery saving while in the most modern ones you can “replicate” the behavior of the system.

STEP BY STEP: Activate the dark mode of WhatsApp on Android

To activate WhatsApp dark mode on an Android mobile (we are sorry for iPhone users), it is necessary to meet a series of requirements. First, we must have the WhatsApp version 2.19.352 which is the stable one available in the Google Play Store. Second, be root in our Android mobile. Finally, use a text editor for Android (like QuickEdit or similar).

Once we have that, that is, the Android version, being root and the text editor, we can start the process that will not take us more than 5 minutes. To get the dark mode we must follow these steps:

  1. Open text editor on Android mobile
  2. Browse to the /data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs folder
  3. Open the file com.whatsapp_preferences.xml
  4. Add the following line: <boolean name = »dark_mode» value = »true» />
  5. Save changes
  6. Force WhatsApp Closure
  7. Open WhatsApp again
  8. dark mode whatsapp

From there, just navigate to Settings to find the new Theme menu. By clicking on this menu we will have three options:

  • light/white: the one we currently have in WhatsApp and has been with us for years.
  • Dark: the expected dark mode specially designed for OLED displays.
  • System default o It was set by battery saving. This option is different depending on whether we have Android 10 or a lower version.

Simply select “Dark” and press OK so WhatsApp automatically displays the dark mode. From there, we can continue using the application as before, sending messages, receiving messages, etc.

Have you been able to activate the dark mode of WhatsApp?