7 Tips for Sending Real Estate Direct Mail


According to a 2019 report by the Consumer News and Business Channel, real estate still ranks as the best investment anyone can make. There are several classes of real estate property in which individuals can invest. The good thing is that most of them can generate income all-year-round.

However, regardless of where you invest, you need to know how to play the cards. People still make losses in the business anyway, so you could be part of these minority statistics if you are not careful.

Mailing is one of the things an excellent real estate dealer regularly does. It may sound an easy drill, but you need to be sure you’re doing it right. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the industry, the following real estate direct mail postcards tips will do you right.

Have a Target Group of Audience


Direct mailing is one of your chosen methods of communication. As such, ensure it satisfies the rules of effective communication. Without a proper audience, then your communication is ineffective. The world out there is full of different people, so you need to know who you are addressing.

For real estate purposes, you would want to identify individuals’ level of income. Such evaluations will help you not send emails on the expensive property to low-income earners.

Also, you may be in the real estate business to solve problems for those who need housing. As such, make sure the targeted people need residential homes.

Targeting the right audience determines the number of replies you get since you can tailor the mail to suit it.

Give Your Mails Some Time

We understand that marketing and promotion means a lot in the success of your real estate business. However, you don’t want to annoy potential clients with endless emails. As such, make sure you allow a little bit of time between emails.

Be patient with replies if you expect any. Waiting for immediate response could leave you disappointed. Besides, not everyone checks their mail every other day, so your audience may be yet to see the mail.

Send Captivating Mails

Different companies are using the postcard technique in their marketing campaigns. Therefore, your target audience could be receiving tons of messages every other day. As such, you need to create outstanding mails that will capture the audience’s attention.

Everyone looks at the mails before they proceed, so all you need to do is ensure what your audience sees first catches the eye.

Try to Include Some Offers

It’s normal for consumers to get used to the same old message and the same deals. If you have been sending emails about the same real estate property with just the same terms, it’s time for a change.

Consumers generally react to new offers, mainly if they include some gifts. You can find something small to offer, and it could indeed be all you needed to do. Try seasonal discounts or first access to property listings, among others.

Work on Your Call to Action

Most mails will end with a call to action. Consumers are probably used to most of them, so trying out something different can make the difference. Rather than the ordinary ‘I hope to hear from you soon,’ try something like ‘don’t be left out, the time to buy is now!’ You can also end with a CTA like ‘we will handle everything for you; all you need is to give us a call.’

Keep Trying New Techniques

According to dealmachines everything changes with time. Therefore, techniques that worked for your business some years back may not work in 2020. Direct mailing has been there for quite a long time, and you can be sure it has been through significant changes.

As such, consider trying new approaches to direct mailing. Remain up to date with trends in marketing and test as many as possible.

Avoid Dishonest Tricks

Most investors are keen when the deal sounds too good, but who doesn’t love a favorable deal. Some marketers use this technique to catch the attention of consumers. Their direct mails promise clients some entirely shady deals.

You may receive responses or even have loads of customers at your door-step. However, it paints a gloomy picture when they finally realize the treachery. Besides, previous clients are a great source of referrals, but you do not get any this way. Use real tricks and promise what you can offer.


Even as you apply these direct mailing tricks, have some patience. Anything good takes time, so do not expect an overnight spike in real estate sales.