7 Online Store Logo Inspirations To Consider


Having a unique online store logo can help your brand succeed quicker in a competitive environment.

If you’re starting an online shop, you must know what kind of online shop logo you must design and what exactly to expect in the final draft from the designer. In case you’re new to this designing domain, we’ve some interesting examples (of famous brands) that you may follow when designing your shopping logo.

Come, let us show you each of them and what exactly you must notice in them as you plan for your very first online shop logo design.


You would’ve heard of Target, in fact you shopped form them many times. And we’ve included it in our online store logo’s list for one very important reason.

Its color selection speaks to its buyer and that’s the kind of logo you must have in order to make that instant connection.

Best Buy

Best Buy, the biggest shopping store with unlimited discounts and coupons uses fonts and yellow color very strategically.

Its logo resembles a price tag itself which is a very wise choice of primary idea on part of the logo designer. The background yellow color makes its name pop out of the logo which also helps the viewer in memorizing it quickly.


AliExpress claims to have almost anything on their platform and they display it via their logo design, too.

This B2C platform uses a combination of abstract and typography logo having a shopping cart in the middle. Plus, the color selection is fantastically balanced to justify their online store logo design. Do note this point when discussing your shopping logo project with the designer.


Brands tend to associate their online store logo with the feeling of their consumers, sometimes. And Argos has done it perfectly with their logo design having a big smile underneath its name. When you plan to have a new logo for your online store, try associating a feeling, too, in it so your consumers can relate with your brand easily.


If you don’t want to get yourself confused with complex design terminologies, you may want to consider following Asos’s logo design approach. Simply have your online store logo design in typography pattern and use a font that best suits with your brand’s personality.


If your intentions are to portray your brand as a trusted and swiftest source to shop online, we’ve a perfect example in mind. Try studying Flipkart’s logo design approach when you hire a designer for your online store logo.

From color selection to insertion of a fast-moving shopping cart, Flipkart achieves its branding goal right from the very beginning.


Brands often turn to portray themselves as a trusted source in the industry via their logo design. If you want to achieve the same kind of branding results, you may want to look at Shophive’s logo design approach. Fonts, color and text placement everything has been done in a strategic way to make the name more readable.