7 Common Door Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Doors have a long and storied history for humanity, and they play a vital role in providing security and protection from intruders and the elements. The first door was created over 5,000 years ago, and the designs and different door materials have evolved massively since then. Replacing old doors on your home is an excellent way to upgrade your home’s appearance and add to its value.

That said, many homeowners neglect to do their due diligence when comparing door prices and materials during the shopping process. Avoiding door buying mistakes is critical to get the most value for your money.

Luckily, you’ve found this eye-opening guide to the seven worst mistakes you must avoid when shopping for all types of doors for your home. Continue reading to narrow your options and find the perfect new door for your home today!

1. Buying a Cheap Lock

Picking a sturdy and secure door and cutting corners with a cheap lock defeat the purpose of replacing old doors in your home. The primary purpose of your new door is to increase security, with a secondary goal of sprucing up your home’s appearance. It’s fair that not all homeowners have the budget for expensive locks, but cheap locks are often poorly made.

You can only count on a cheap door lock for a while since they use more inexpensive materials. A weakened lock makes a burglar’s job a walk in the park if they want to enter your home and take your valuables. Reconsider your door lock budget to get more value for your money and security for your family.

2. Buying Complicated Locks

Expensive locks aren’t always the best solution for upgraded doors since they’re often complicated. Complicated locks will frustrate you and keep you and the burglars from entering your home. Buying a lock that is too complicated for you to use when entering your home defeats the purpose of upgrading your doors.

Digital locks are an excellent choice to avoid carrying your house keys everywhere. You’ll never need to worry about misplacing your keys again since you can use a pin pad to enter your lock code and gain access to your home.

It’s also worth considering the installation process when buying a new door with a complicated lock. Consider hiring a professional to assist with installation to save time and frustration.

3. Ignoring Weather Conditions

One of the worst door buying mistakes is discounting or forgetting the weather conditions where you live. Understanding the weather conditions your doors will be exposed to aids you with choosing different door materials. You’ll find yourself shopping for a new door sooner than you’d like if you select a door from somewhere besides Korexworld.

Choosing a new door that adds to your home’s appearance is critical, but consider the regular door maintenance you must provide to keep it looking that way. Extensive rain and direct sunlight will damage your front door if you choose a wooden door instead of a composite option.

Fiberglass is efficient and low-maintenance, making it an excellent choice when replacing old doors. Steel offers top-notch durability but is more susceptible to heat buildup and temperature transfer. Consider fiberglass doors if you want the most efficient home possible.

4. Not Researching

Only head to a hardware store searching for a new door for your home after taking time to research your options. The internet is littered with valuable resources you should use for comparing door prices and online customer reviews. Over 93 percent of consumers read reviews before making a purchase, and you should join their ranks to avoid door buying mistakes.

Make a list of the things you want in your new doors. Establish a budget and determine the best door materials for your home’s climate. Add the customer reviews you’ve read, and you’ll avoid the costly mistake of buying the wrong doors.

5. Choosing the Wrong Paint

The wrong paint color is another concern when looking at different types of doors for your home. Your home’s front door is often a focal point of your exterior design, so consider a paint color that meshes well with the existing features.

Consider what a bright and bold front door will look like at your home, and find one that adds to the color scheme. It’s also worthwhile to look at a subtle and elegant front door color that adds a luxurious appeal to your home.

6. Buying for Looks

Buying a door based on looks alone is much like dating for looks alone. It’s a shallow approach to finding what’s best for your home, and you must look at the other features and benefits of your new doors. The two things to consider most are the energy efficiency and the security of your upgraded doors.

Each exterior door has an energy rating to show you if it’s insulating and efficient. Match the different door materials to your home’s climate to find the best fit.

The privacy and security of your home are also critical when replacing old doors. Look for security features like upgraded locks to feel comfortable in your home. Add privacy glass to allow natural light into your home without jeopardizing your privacy.

7. Choosing for Price

Comparing door prices is wise if you’re working with a budget, but you shouldn’t purchase based on price alone. Finding a new door within your budget and using quality materials is best.

Steel doors are the best option if you have limited money, while fiberglass doors are an excellent mid-tier option. Wood is the ultimate in luxury front doors, though you’ll need to provide regular door maintenance to keep your new door pristine.

Avoid These Door Buying Mistakes for Your Home

Making the typical door buying mistakes when replacing old doors will set you back financially and harm your mental health. Consider your lock options and security when comparing different types of doors, and find materials that work well in your climate. Compare door prices and research features and customer reviews to narrow your options.

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