5 Things Necessary for a Commercial Kitchen


Are you looking to put up a commercial kitchen? Then have we got great news for you!

There are so many advantages to having your restaurant kitchen. It’s cost-effective, flexible, and brings opportunities for increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

However, with so many types of commercial kitchen appliances to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out this short but sweet guide for everything you need to know about things necessary for a commercial kitchen.

1. A Good Sink

A good sink is an essential piece of equipment for a commercial kitchen. The size depends on the layout and the number of staff working in the kitchen, but a wide, deep sink should be well-suited.

Stainless steel is the most common choice for commercial sinks and should be deep enough to accommodate fitted baskets and be durable enough to withstand heavy pots and pans.

2. Refrigerator/ Freezer

The refrigerator should be large enough to fit a variety of ingredients, and durable enough to stand up to the rigors of a commercial kitchen environment.

It should also have temperature and humidity controls to ensure that food is kept at a safe temperature for storage. To maintain efficiency and food safety, a refrigerator-freezer should also have shelves and drawers for easy organization.

It should also be energy efficient to keep energy costs down and minimize its impact on the environment.

3. A Commercial Grade Oven

Having a large quantity of professionally cooked food is essential in running a successful kitchen, and having a quality commercial-grade oven makes this happen. A good oven also has plenty of room for food, efficient burners, and is extremely easy to maintain.

Modern ovens come with features like convection cooking, automation, and energy efficiency, all of which help ensure food is cooked efficiently and accurately every time.

4. A Range Hob

It provides a cooking area for multiple burners in a limited amount of space, making it ideal for small-scale cooking. It also allows for the construction of multiple elements at a time, such as a large-scale stir fry or a multi-ingredient pasta dish.

The range hob is designed to provide precise control over temperatures, allowing professional chefs to produce consistent, high-quality results.

It is powerful enough to reach temperatures to effectively cook a range of proteins and vegetables, making it a necessary tool for almost all commercial kitchens.

5. Commercial Roof Exhaust Fans

Commercial Roof Exhaust Fanss are a critical component of the kitchen ventilation system and help protect against excessive heat. These fans help to improve air quality by eliminating smoke, grease, and other airborne contaminants.

They work by drawing in stale air from the kitchen and expelling it outside the building. This keeps the kitchen cooler and prevents the accumulation of unpleasant odors.

Roof exhaust fans are easy to install and can be adjusted for effective airflow throughout the kitchen. They come in various sizes and provide the necessary power to ensure that the kitchen remains at an optimal temperature, even during busy times.

Explore the Necessities of a Commercial Kitchen Today

Overall, a commercial kitchen requires many components for it to run properly and safely. By implementing these pieces, kitchen owners can guarantee they will have a welcoming, efficient, and productive space.

Ready to begin outfitting your commercial kitchen? Contact an expert today to start building your dream kitchen.

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