5 Perks of Becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member


There is a reason why some Disney resorts gain more than 20 million visitors per year. Disney provides some of the most magical holiday experiences out there.

Want to know how you can make the most out of your Disney experience? Becoming a Disney Vacation Club member is the easiest way to get the most out of your holiday at Disney.

Read on to find out five reasons why Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership is a great decision!

1. Sleep Like Royalty

A perk of Disney Vacation Club membership is the selection of accommodation available. You can stay in unique villas or luxurious apartments, depending on your group size.

The accommodation available is also usually more spacious than the standard options. You may get extras such as bigger beds or home comforts like kitchen space or washing machines. Perfect for reducing what you need to pack and spend money on.

They are also often in better, more central locations. So you can be close to the action, ideal for families with young children!

2. Vacation on Your Terms

Booking vacations can be stressful. But with a Disney Vacation Club membership, it doesn’t have to be.

DVC membership works on a point-based system. This provides flexibility to spend points depending on your needs. You even have the option to split your points up, so you can use them across different trips.

When you join the Disney Vacation Club you have a longer booking window than non-club members.

This means that you book a lot further in advance to get the best dates and accommodation. This can be a lifesaver if you have limited options due to school holidays.

3. Save a Pretty Penny

Going on a family vacation can be a huge expense in your budget each year. Finding ways to cut costs will help you to make the most of your time at Disney.

DVC membership means you can enjoy many discounts during your stay. The list of offerings is huge and growing all the time.

Membership includes discounted dining and shopping in selected restaurants and merchandise stores. You can also enjoy savings on different activities and events, such as tours and shows.

4. Enjoy Unique Experiences

One of the biggest DVC benefits is access to exclusive events. Tours behind the scenes, parties, and early bird access to the parks are just some of them. This is guaranteed to make your vacation memories feel magical.

DVC membership allows you to meet others who share the same passion for Disney. So you can make some friends for life during these events!

Also, many people are looking to ‘collect’ different Disney experiences and locations. Being part of the DVC means that you can vacation at Disney cruises, resorts, and hotels. Each destination has unique offerings that will add sparkle to your vacation time.

5. Flexible Resale and Exchanges

On some occasions, you might want to go elsewhere on vacation. It is easy to exchange DVC points to stay in other places with Disney’s partnership programs.

There are thousands of resorts and hotels worldwide to choose from. So you’re bound to find something that suits you.

If you decide to sell your DVC membership, there are many easy resale options. Sites like resales.dvcshop.com offer reliable and fast services to sell your DVC fast.

Choose a broker that has plenty of experience and connections to clients. This way you won’t waste time and you will get the best value for money.

Become a Disney Vacation Club Member Today!

Becoming a Disney Vacation Club member will be a great decision for you and your family. You can enjoy all the above perks and more!

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