Five IWC Portofino Timepieces to Watch Out For

IWC Portofino Timepieces to Watch

It can always be said that the more, the merrier. However, sometimes and in other instances, less is more. In the industry of luxurious watchmakers, brands compete with each other using innovative ideas, designs, and high-end materials turned into an exquisite work of art for the people’s wrists. For IWC Portofino, less is always better.

IWC Portofino distinguishes itself from other expensive watch brands using its simple, elegant, and classical designs. It has long been existing in the market and is still popular for men and women. It has successfully created several timepieces which strengthens its roots and foundations in the watchmaking industry.

IWC Portofino Automatic 34 Green Dial Ladies Watch

This Portofino Automatic will welcome you to the start of the list. It features a dark green dial adorned with mixed roman numerals and sticks index markers with silver-toned leaf hands. It exudes a simple yet majestic presence that demands respect from anyone who looks and sees. Emphasize the beauty of your partner by wearing this royal-like timepiece to her.

The watch’s case is made of stainless steel for its protection, while the bracelet band is made of authentic green alligator leather for better comfort. It relies on its 25 jewels and 35100 calibers for operation and is water-resistant for only 30 meters, so you must remember to remove it before plunging in the water.

With its classic design, one would estimate its price to reach millions. However, it is only ¥479,273 or $4,610. Grab yours now while the stock lasts because once it reaches the real watch collectors and enthusiasts’ ears, it will eventually go out of stock.

IWC Portofino Silver Dial Men’s Hand Wound Watch

This second watch uses its IWC Calibre 59800 together with its 30 jewels for time precision. It can maintain this operation for a long period of hours up to 192 hours. However, you also need to take extra care and remove it when deciding to submerge underwater since its water-resistance can only protect it from little water splashes.

Its clean look is made of a white dial showing three other subdials, one for different phases of the moon. The dial is adorned with stick index markers with the current 15-minute position and a polished rose gold leaf hand.

Its bracelet bank made of alligator leather provides comfort to the wearer’s wrist, and the stainless steel case gives protection to the watch itself. With its simplistic and elegant design, the price amounts to ¥1,054,455 or $10,144.

IWC Portofino Black Men’s Watch

This Portofino watch is another example of the brand’s obsession with simplicity and elegance to emphasize the wearer’s beauty and traits. It features a black dial with three more subdials and the current date displayed on it.

From the case to the bracelet band, it is made of stainless steel to add comfort and protection to the timepiece. The whole operation relies on its IWC caliber and 25 jewels that can run for 44 hours.

IWC Portofino Automatic 37 Watch

It features a shining grey dial ornamented with stick and diamond index markers and a silver-toned leaf hand. It also has its shining round body made up of stainless steel up to its bracelet band for sturdiness and stability.

IWC Portofino Automatic 37 has a low water resistance for only 30 meters, so always remember to remove it when you have decided to swim or participate in water activities. It has a price of ¥533,637 or $5,133.

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Men’s Watch

Like the other four, this watch also has a low water resistance level, but with an overwhelming large power reserve. It can continue its operation, relying on its 59210 calibers and 30 jewels for up to 192 hours.

Its case is made of stainless steel to support and protect the whole watch itself, and for the bracelet, the band is a grey suede for comfort and style. This round watch features a slate grey dial with one subdial, a stick and roman numeral index markers, and a silver-toned leaf hand.

This IWC Portofino watch here can seriously light up your wrist with its classic and timeless design for wristwatch. Grab this elegant wristwatch here for only ¥734,455 or $7,065. Hurry, or the other timepiece lovers and collectors can beat you on it.


Portofino takes pride in its simplistic and elegant standard for a timepiece. As it grows more popular by the day, the simple designs and sophistication of timepieces can change the trend on watches that will be majorly popular with people on all living matters.