5 Favorites from the Omega Constellation New Releases

Omega Constellation

Omega Watches had always amazed us with a variety of designs from different series of luxury watches. Speedmaster and Seamaster both attract lovers’ attention from different parts of the world, ordinary or enthusiasts alike. With Omega’s other series, Constellation, the luxury brand features refreshing and relaxing timepieces for you.

Omega Constellation collection was done to catch new eyes for Omega’s wristwatches using its elegant and classic look. This collection caters to the ladies’ attention and taste and varies in sizes, materials, and colors. It captures the natural beauty of a woman and emphasizes it with its simple yet sophisticated ambiance.

Omega Constellation Quartz 28mm Ladies Watch

To start this list, Omega presents its Omega Constellation Ladies Watch on its sophisticated and elegant appeal. For only $1,949, this watch features high-end materials made into an exquisite work of art. The watch features a grey dial with stick indexes and skeleton hands, both with an 18kt white gold design and color.

Omega Constellation may seem cute or soft on the outside, but its bracelet band is made of quality steel for sturdiness and comfort, and the case is made with stainless steel and sapphire glass crystal. It relies on its quartz movement for precise time-telling. You may take extra care when wearing it beside a body of water because of its low water-resistance of 30m.

Omega Constellation Quartz Ladies Watch

This Omega Constellation watch portrays a higher level of sophistication and an expensive look. The gold dial and its yellow gold alpha hands and diamond indexes will surely get the people’s attention, even those who are not fans of wristwatches. For men, this would surely be a perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, or special someone.

The case is made of stainless steel and anti-reflective sapphire glass crystal. It protects the whole watch case from scratches of any like. Its bracelet band was made with stainless steel for quality and comfortability. It is only water-resistant for 30 meters so remember to remove this timepiece when submerging underwater.

Its precise accuracy for time-telling is because of its quartz movement that can retain in operation for 48 months. The watch’s overall look may get you thinking that it will fetch a high price; however, to buy this for your loved one, it will only cost you $3,239. Be the first to order now, and have a gift for your loved one’s most special day.

Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Ladies Watch

This Omega Constellation watch is an epitome of sophistication and elegance. Its appearance radiates an aura of royal presence with its Sedna gold bezel on the top of the brown dial with Sedna gold skeleton alpha hands and diamond indexes. The current date is at the 6 o’clock position. Omega Watches exceeded all expectations and standards with this masterpiece.

Its case is made of stainless steel and sapphire glass crystal for absolute protection. The back is transparent, so you can see its mechanism and the quartz movement doing the work for the piece’s precise time accuracy, which can operate continuously for 50 hours.

The watch’s bracelet band is made of stainless steel line with Sedna gold for the wearer’s design and comfortability. It will surely be right up in your alley. This timepiece is slightly on the expensive side with the materials and the sophistication of work evident on its appearance, costing $7,199.

Omega Constellation Quartz Blue Ladies Watch

This watch’s blue dial is adorned with dots that look like stars on the vast canvass of the universe, being true to its collection name. The dial comes with the skeleton alpha hands and the diamond indexes. An outer rim line with diamonds is also on the top of the case of the watch.

Despite the clean look, its level of sturdiness is on par with the other watches mentioned above. The case is made of stainless steel and sapphire glass crystal. It relies on its quartz movement for better time precision. The watch has a low water resistance capability, so the wearer needs to be cautious of water splashes to prevent damage.

This shining dress watch amounts to $5,799. It will catch ladies’ and men’s eyes and is the perfect gift for their partners that can be worn at all times. Grab yours now and get a headstart against the others who would surely buy it.

Omega Constellation Co-Axial Diamond Ladies Watch

This Omega Constellation Watch features small stars on its dark blue dial to portray the galaxy made more beautiful by its skeleton alpha hands and diamond indexes. The diamond lining on the top of the case also highlights the rich design of the dial.

It is made of quality steel and an anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal relying on automatic movement for pinpoint time-telling accuracy. The timepiece is water-resistant for only 50 meters. Though it may survive little splashes of water, the wearer should always keep it away from moisture.


The Constellation collection of the Omega watches features a wide array of designs that can entertain ordinary people looking for watches or collectors and enthusiasts. Its watchmakers made excellent work on its design without compromising the quality of the timepiece when it comes to its sturdiness.