For the Watch Collector: 4 Underrated Swiss Watches To Consider


Watch collecting is an expensive hobby, that much is true, but that doesn’t mean it would drain you of all your extra money. For watch collectors, there will come a time when the collection peaks, then it plateaus, after which it’s all gonna be jaded choices from thereon. Although you can never have too many timepieces, you can have repetitive ones, ones that you don’t need, and those that are just plain wrong choices.

In this article, we’ve listed down some underrated Swiss watches for you to check out to widen the breadth of your collection. These timepieces may or may not be already part of your collection, and one or two may be controversial choices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a good second look at them.

Rolex GMT Master

The Rolex GMT Master is not in any way unpopular, but it is underrated when compared to its cousins the Submariner or Oyster Perpetual. The GMT line has historically been shunned as a dress watch and is touted as the globetrotter’s timepiece. With its Pepsi-Cola or any two-tone color aesthetic, the GMT Master can be an acquired taste, hence, it’s flying under the radar.

But what you get with the GMT Master is not just a fine watch from the most-loved watch brand in the world, but also a timepiece that can probably stand the test of time. It’s a timeless watch through and through so if you want something that truly appeals to classic senses, this is the watch to get.

Breitling Navitimer

The Navitimer is one of the most iconic timepieces to date, revolutionizing the slide rule bezel to the point it has become a standard. The Navitimer is the aviator watch, and if you’re looking for one, this is the watch to check out. What makes it underrated is the fact that some alternatives from more popular brands do have the advantage sales-wise. A true shame if you ask us, but that’s marketing for you.

For frequent fliers, the airspeed calculation that the Navitimer offers may be of interest, and with good looks, you get the best of both worlds. Under the hood, depending on the model you are interested in, you get a self-winding mechanical Breitling-manufactured caliber, complete with its own set of features ranging from a 70-hour power reserve and a vibration of over 28,000 v.p.h.

Chanel Monsieur Watch

Chanel doesn’t necessarily have the best history in making luxury timepieces, but the Monsieur watch changes all of that. It set the bar high enough for luxury fashion brands to keep up with what Chanel has done in the watchmaking industry. To say that the Monsieur watch is a triumph is understating it. With this watch, Chanel truly announced to the world that it’s serious with its horological arm.

After years of manufacturing a movement in-house, Chanel took it to the next level by crafting a case and band that truly exemplifies the value of luxury. The Chanel Monsieur watch is a beaut, with a manual-winding mechanical movement with a retrograde minute and jumping hour complication. The baguette-cut diamonds that line the dial face is nothing short of extraordinary, and the case crafted in white gold all scream sophistication.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Sea View Day Date Auto

Hamilton has always been the Swiss brand to look at when it comes to affordable, entry-level Swiss luxury watches. Alongside Tissot, it’s the Swiss brand that keeps a large repertoire of timepieces to cater to different, discerning tastes. What makes any Hamilton watch underrated is that it isn’t the first choice for when a Swiss luxury watch brand is mentioned – it’s always Rolex, Blancpain, Audemars Piguet, etc.

What you want to check out from this brand is the Jazzmaster Sea View Day Date Auto. It’s a stunning timepiece from the dial to the bezel even its movement. The movement inside is H-30, an automatic caliber that’s exclusively made by and for the company, with a headlining feature of an 80-hour power reserve, so you can put the timepiece down on the weekends and still find it ticking Monday or Tuesday morning.


These options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to underrated Swiss watches. There is quite a number of timepieces that need to have more time in the spotlight, be a part of the discussion more, and have better visibility. As it stands, it’s the brands’ prerogative how to approach this matter, so it should always be internal, not external.