3 DIY Fireplace Makeover Ideas That Dont Suck

DIY Fireplace

Some of the best rooms in your home are the ones you create yourself. When you add your own flare, both aesthetically and functionally, to a room, you create a space that truly fits your style–which is why most DIY buffs take to the projects of decorating and redesigning.

One of the most popular DIY fireplace makeover ideas is to comfort and warmer with hearth covers. Read on to find out more about this DIY project and how it can help you change the look of your home.

1. Paint and Pattern Adding Drama to Your Fireplace

Adding drama to your fireplace with paint and pattern is a great DIY makeover idea. Depending on the colors of your walls and living space, creating a feature wall with your fireplace can easily be achieved with a few coats of paint.

Choose colors that will brighten and accent your space. Perhaps creating an ombre effect on your fireplace wall with two shades of the same color or complementary colors for eye-catching contrast. Adding texture and pattern with stencils, tiling, stone cladding, or wallpaper will really pop against the painted wall and create a stunning feature wall.

Creating your own fireplace makeover with paint and pattern is a great way to add life and interest to a living space without breaking the bank.

2. Give It a New Mantel Simple Upgrade for Maximum Impact

An old mantel can significantly detract from the overall look of a fireplace and living space. This can be quickly, easily, and inexpensively remedied with a DIY fireplace makeover idea. Consider buying, or building, a new mantel.

If building, find a design that works with the overall look of the room and opt for light-weighing materials. Materials like wood or medium-density fiberboard can be easily installed.

For existing mantels, using paint, wood trim, and wallpaper can instantly brighten and refresh the look. Replacing knobs, handles, and metal fixtures with new, more modern pieces can add an additional layer of beauty.

Adding a mirror above the mantel can also be a great way to give the fireplace an updated look. By embarking on simple yet impactful DIY fireplace makeover ideas, one can significantly enhance their living space without too much cost or effort.

3. Add Texture From Design Accessories to Hearth Coverings

If you are considering an inexpensive DIY fireplace makeover, then you can easily add texture with design accessories, like candles, plants, art pieces, and more.

To take your makeover to the next level, you can also add texture with stone or pressed tin hearth coverings. These coverings are easy to install and add an elegant look and feel to your fireplace. Plus, they provide a great opportunity to showcase interesting patterns and colors.

If you have a non-traditional fireplace, you can even consider adding an oversized, sculptural piece in lieu of the hearth covering. Consider adding custom size fireplace doors as well.

Incorporating these techniques will create a unique and impactful design for your beautiful DIY fireplace makeover idea.

Discover the Best DIY Fireplace Makeover Ideas

DIY fireplace makeover ideas are a great way to refresh your space without breaking the bank. With a little bit of imagination, you can bring a new look and feel to your living area. Get inspired and begin your own DIY fireplace project today!

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