10 Principles of Effective Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media marketing proffers vast methods to target the potential audience, the big reason why it becomes an excellent platform for advertising for many businesses. Leveraging social media marketing not only help your business but also elevate your audience. Thus, any business that wants to market their brand online needs to learn about social media marketing NJ principles and rules. Here are the 10 most important principles that are highly effective for social media marketing.

Go real Time

No matter what social media marketing you choose, you have to do it now, not next week or next month. Digital marketing involves publishing posts and tweets in real-time as it will help you to catch the viral wave and latest trends. Further, you need to respond in real-time to complaints and issues. Posts and content shared 3 months or 6 months may lose its value because market change rapidly and users want their information now.

Sharing is Key

Make a thorough research and think about what people want to share? Then work on it, publish it and promote as much as you can. This should start with a share-able and compelling headline.

Don’t Sell

Nobody now wants to be “sold to”, instead social media platforms are now becoming the important source of problem-solving with authentic answers and solid information whether it is in form of blog or links, tweets or updates even the information on Facebook.


Quality content is something that never fails you. High-quality content is better than large quantity less-quality content. It is better to have the attention of 6,000 online connections that read and share your content with the audience instead of 20,000 who disappear after connecting you the first time.

Think Like Publisher

Today’s consumers are more advances they won’t bother looking at emails with a special discount offer or brochure in their letterbox but search for your business or company online. They search online published informative content provided by you that endeavor solution to their problems. Think about using different types of online publications such as Podcasts, eBooks, video tutorials and PDF’s, etc.


Keep in mind that knowing things and providing solutions is not the only thing you need for social media marketing but you need to be passionate and motivated about your niche. The more passionate you are the more brightly you shine among publishers.

Listen and Engage

Listen what your audience wants to tell you. A comment box will reveal a wealth of information about your target market. Once you listen to what they have to say then be prepared to start communicating with them in real-time by the messaging system whether it is Facebook, email or Twitter.


When you deliver quality content, the sharing and discussing opens new entry points for search engines, to find it in keyword searches. Such entry points could be scattered to hundreds or thousands of more potential ways for users to find you online. Good quality content will be read and shared by users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their blogs, etc.


Don’t consider yourself free after publishing your content but being available for your audience is important. Don’t break the chain, post your content regularly and take part in conversations. Remember online users are fickle; they won’t wait long and replace you if you disappear for a long time.


Establishing a strong and long-lasting relationship with customers is an important part of social media marketing. Thus, it is crucial to acknowledge every client who approaches you. Never make a mistake to ignore the customers who know he or she is your future potential customer.