10 Over-the-Top Wedding Ideas for Your Perfect Day


Almost all newlyweds want their wedding to be anything but ordinary. It should highlight on-point decoration, theme, and location that will help you capture your dream wedding. But how can you do this?

The most effective way to create an impressive wedding is to use personalized concepts as your inspiration, like shared interests, travels, lifestyle, and family histories. Also, you need to find a reputable wedding firm that has a team of experts in wedding planning in Toronto. You will have a remarkable wedding with the right people and well-planned order of events.

We make it easier for you to meet your goal through this list of pointers. Your wedding will stand out, be filled with memories, luxurious concepts, and striking design elements.

1. Choose a beautiful and simple bouquet.

Select a bouquet that will fit your wedding gown and motif, from the kind of flowers to the finishing touches, like ribbons and fragrances. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, nor does it have to be huge. If you want a more classic look, choose roses or stephanotis. Select from purple dahlias and orange tulips if you want a vibrant effect. You can also find inspiration from wedding magazines and websites like Pinterest, Google, or Instagram.


You will also be presented with various bouquet shapes—from traditionally compact, loose to domed bouquets.

2. Partner up with a themed wardrobe.

Most couples break the norm of dressing all-white during their big day. While others want a uniform colour for the entourage, other couples want to mix and match the dresses and suits. Guests will even be instructed to wear something casual.

If you wish to make a statement, you can express your hobbies and favourite things (book characters, for example) through your wardrobe theme.

There are plenty of wardrobe theme options you can choose from to set the tone of your wedding. You can choose from Old Hollywood glamour, vintage, bookish, casual, celestial, and other themes.

3. Install a wedding app.

Wedding apps help you discover wedding style options, hunt for invitations, create a countdown, organize your wedding timeline, recheck your budget, and tick off your wedding item checklist. These are also interactive channels where the two families can communicate about the progress of the wedding plans or if there are last-minute changes.

4. Generate a hashtag.

You can also generate wedding hashtags to level up the fun and creativity during your wedding. This is one of the easiest ways to consolidate all pictures and videos during your special moments into one clickable location.

Most couples create personalized hashtags with their combined surnames or first names. You can experiment and express your favourite song and try for alliteration, too. Also, remember to inform your guests about it, even before your big day. This will enable them to get used to it and automatically use it when they upload photos to social media.

5. Have fun transforming your tablescape.

Tablescapes are another excellent way to personalize your decorations and centrepieces and welcome your guests, expressing your gratitude and promise of a delicious meal! You can create a tablescape theme by taking the current season of your wedding as an inspiration.

If you want to completely design picture-perfect tablescapes, here are some of the items you may add:

  • Fruits
  • Scented candles
  • Wedding stationery (cards, menus, signs, etc.)
  • Glassware
  • Flowers or branches
  • Unexpected tiny gifts to welcome your guests
  • Candy bowls for kids
  • Table linens

6. Don’t forget about your cake.

Your cake style will come last after every detail has been finalized, from the wedding dress, location to your decor theme. Your cake will also make an impact, so this must be compatible with all the mentioned details. Before choosing, attend tasting events with your partner to meet your preferred baker and ensure that your guests will like the flavour. Choose the right frosting and the appropriate structure.

You also need to communicate to your baker whether you want a customized look for your wedding cake. Today, grand weddings opt for patterned, elegant, rustic, nature-inspired, gold-foil details and other trendy wedding cake ideas.

7. Hire top-tier photographers.

You want to document all the real moments during your big day by capturing them through pictures and videos. Hire top-tier Hamilton wedding videographers who know the right angles, the real capture-worthy moments, and the proper way to hold cameras for fitting zoom-ins. They must also be knowledgeable in releasing aesthetic pictures with clear focus and just the right amount of filter (if you even need one).

Check out some portfolios or ask for recommendations to find the right film crew. You must also first finalize your budget, location, and theme to easily communicate to them what you might want to accomplish through your photos.

8. Choose the band with the perfect playlist.

Live music has a distinct way of adding a wow factor during your wedding party. The right band will also create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere for your guests until the last call.

To find the right one for you, you and your partner might want to attend events, such as corporate parties, your friends’ weddings, concerts, birthday parties, etc. You can also search online for a recommended full-service production company or music agent within your locality.

To make it more fun and engaging, they can also take song requests from the guests. Lastly, to ensure that the finer details are guaranteed, inquire your venue planner if the location can accommodate your band to set up and perform.

9. Optimize your buffet table.

Food and beverage will make up a large percentage of your wedding cost and be game-changers for your and your guests’ wedding experience. Optimizing your food and drink stations is a sure-fire way to transform your wedding day. It is essential that as much as you arrange your utensils stylishly, you also assure that your guests can easily access them.

Place an Instagram-worthy table backdrop that won’t clash with your wedding theme. You can also add a giant chocolate fountain, tasty and customized donuts, cupcakes, or sweets. You can make your beverage station engaging by having a DIY drink-mixing table!

10. Plan a grand entrance and exit.

Grand wedding entrance and exit are the trends this year. Do away with the traditional ways of arriving, like cars and limousines. Instead, opt for fun and exciting activities such as a hot air balloon ride or a propeller jet ride. You can also go for a horse-drawn carriage to arrive and depart your wedding venue in style.

Another creative way is using a boat entrance, riding on a bicycle for two, creating a light tunnel, arriving under a confetti shower, or entering with professional dancers. Whether you want to make a statement by jumping out of a wedding gift box or dancing in a flash mob, the list of flashy entrance and exit options is endless. Also, you can arrange a fireworks display to lavishly seal your event.

Note: To make it extra special for your guests, consider hiring one of the trusted bus lines in Toronto, to make sure they will arrive at and leave the venue safely and conveniently.

Wrapping Up

Every wedding is meaningful, and how you will achieve a splendid order of events will be entirely up to you. Well-thought-out wedding plans are the foundation of creating a momentous wedding day for couples.

Similarly, there is a wide range of inspirational sources you can refer to for perfecting your wedding plans—from online sites, wedding magazines, and recommended wedding stakeholders to excellent bakers. Capture perfection and bliss during your wedding day and make it extraordinary with the mentioned tips.