Ten Comfy Robes to Wear Around the House


Comfy Robes to Wear Around the House

There’s no better feeling than lounging comfortably on your couch and binge watching your favorite shows and movies. The ultimate comfort factor inside the house comes from the clothes you wear. Although your regular pajamas are not bad, they lack something that makes all the difference. We’re talking about a plush, luxurious, and soft feel that only lounge robes can give.

For long, robes were relegated as a bathroom accessory that can’t be worn anywhere else. But, thanks to modern designers, robes are making an appearance everywhere. From living rooms to ramps, robes are stealing the show wherever they go. If you thought robes are mere covering pieces of cloth, think again. They have evolved into haute couture that you can find in every fashion magazine.

Whether you are sitting idle and doing nothing or talking to your friends over a video call, a robe can make you look like a fashion model while giving you the best possible comfort. From cotton to terrycloth, robes are available in many materials and designs. And the best thing is, you don’t need much time to wear a robe; just slip it on, and you’re good to go.

Things to consider while buying a robe

The type of robe matters as much as the material of robe. When you are buying a robe, you should think about when you are going to use it. If you want to wear a robe after a shower, then a luxurious bathrobe will be enough. And if you are someone who likes to roam around the house wearing a robe, there are unlimited options for you. The main thing that matters in a robe is its texture and softness. You wouldn’t want to buy something that feels coarse and rough.

Also, make sure that the robe is organic and safe for your skin. Some robes have chemical compounds in their fibers that can give you severe allergies. Confused about where to start? Have a look at the ten best comfy robes that you can wear around the house.

10 best robes that you must buy

Classic bathrobe:

Whether you are just out of a relaxing shower or are trying to get cozy after a hot tub session, a comfy bathrobe can make you feel like you are in heaven. A typical bathrobe usually has a belt around the waist that you can tie to keep the two halves together. There is also a collar that runs along the length of the robe, giving it an edgy look. Some bathrobes these days have deep pockets in them where you can keep your hands to make them warm.

Kimono robe:

A kimono robe is a modern take on the classic garment worn by Japanese people. You can find a kimono robe in spas, parlors, and dressing areas. The main difference between a classic bathrobe and a kimono robe is that the latter has no collar. It is simple, comfortable, and one of the best lounge robes that you can buy.

Hooded bathrobes:

Lounge robes have taken a sharp turn from being a simple bath accessory to a major style statement. You can find many models flaunting their bathrobes in photoshoots and social media posts. A hooded bathrobe is a favorite robe among people because of its comfortable structure. When you get out of the tub on a cold day, cover up yourself with a hooded bathrobe to stay warm and comfy.

Cotton towel robes:

A cotton towel robe will feel like a super comfy hug when you step out of the bathroom. Pamper yourself to a luxurious feel each time you wrap the robe around your body. They have a super-absorbent body that can soak up all the moisture after a bath.

Quilted robe:

You can look at a quilted robe as a dual purpose garment. It has a textured surface that adds style to your everyday look. Made out of luxurious fabric, a quilted robe glides softly across your skin and gives you the ultimate comfort. You can pick out these robes in various shades to enhance your wardrobe.

Silk robes:

Feel like a queen with the rich feel of a silk robe. From movie stars to elegant models, everyone has immortalized the silk robe in our memories. Pastel shades are trending this season. If you want to look extra gorgeous, buy a silk robe in dark colors like magenta or crimson.

Dressing gown robe:

Dressing gown robes are the longer and fuller versions of a regular bathrobe. Although these are structurally similar to a regular robe, the color and pattern vary widely. From floral prints to intricate embroidery, there are endless options for you. The color palette also matters in these robes, as you might feel like showing these off to everyone regularly.

Waffle weave robe:

A waffle bathrobe resembles the typical classic robe but with a different texture. It has the trademark waffle print that feels soft and cozy against your skin. They are thicker than regular robes and are perfect for colder climates. Snuggle up on the bed wearing a waffle weave robe, and you will drift off to sleep within no time.

Linen robes:

Linen is not a popular material for robes, but it can make a big difference to your wardrobe and bath attire. They are available in thousands of colors and prints, and you will be spoilt for choice. There is an entire bathrobe collection by major fashion brands featuring some of the best designs and prints.

Terrycloth robes:

Terry is the ultimate choice when it comes to robes. They are used in ultra-absorbent towels, so you can expect some great designs in the form of robes. Deep air pockets within the fibers keep you warm after a hot shower and also absorb remaining water from your skin. Throw them on your body to get a cozy feel whenever you step out of the bathroom.

Robes have evolved to give you the best of comfort and style. Browse online for that perfect robe to make yourself comfortable at home. Most of the lounge robes are easy to wash and low on maintenance, so you can wear them without worrying about anything.